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How to write a resume

How to write a resume? This is the first question which often strikes you, when applying for a suitable job opening for the first time. To write a resume is a challenging task, as a lot depends upon your resume, in determining your selection probability.

There are many sample resumes available on web, but that often doesn't satisfy your quest to write a good resume. The services of professional resume writers can at times help you, but seldom are to the complete satisfaction. A resume so designed is not effective in applying to diverse opportunities over a considerable period of time. You often need to change your resume depending upon the desired job profile or experience, and accomplishments. Thus, it is better to know how to write a resume rather than looking for samples or services of professionals every time you wish to apply for an open job opportunity.

To write a resume, most importantly you need to keep the basic design in mind, and then depending upon the job description and your personal achievements, you can decide on the resume content. As an answer to your urge of how to write a resume; you need to know that all resumes consist of the following basic sections: name and contact details, objective, work experience, educational qualifications, achievements, additional information and reference, if any.

Once you have decided what information to be shared, you are all ready to write a resume for yourself. The following guidelines will help you write a resume, which is not only designed suiting the job description, but also personalized to your requirements.

Contact details

This is the most important, and foremost information to be shared with employers, so that they can easily contact you as required, and not have to go through the complete resume to find the details. Depending upon the format, you can either give contact details first at the right corner or the left corner if using a photograph. Your name inevitably comes in the center and should be easily visible at the first glance itself. You may use different font sizes to highlight the desired contact details. It is advisable to mention the complete residential address including email id and phone number. Mention the phone number at which you can easily be contacted, preferably your mobile number.


The objective should be concise and relevant. You need to convey maximum information with limited words. It is the ideal opportunity to cast a positive first impression and influence the employer's decision in your favor. Keep the language used at par with your proficiency level and desired job profile. Remember that, your objective is the tagline to market your candidature.

Work experience

In knowing how to write a letter, you must know that if you have a considerable experienced back ground; writing your experience before the educational qualifications, gives an added advantage. Otherwise, educational qualifications precede the work experience. You can also mention work experience before education qualification if the desired job profile emphasizes more on experience.

All details furnished should be in chronological order, with the recent work experience being mentioned first, followed by subsequent work details. The details should be comprehensive in nature, including minutes such as designation, work period, duties and responsibilities. You can mention duties and responsibilities separately, if exhaustively writing.

Educational qualification

In knowing how to write a resume, you must know different ways (tabular format, paragraphs and snippets/points) to present your educational qualifications. The details should be elaborate; especially for fresh graduates (inexperienced) and in a chronological reverse order.


This section is dedicated to share professional awards and achievements accomplished during your work and education. All details should be in chronological order with the latest being the first. For recently graduated students, they may mention projects and assignments instead of awards if there are no such achievements worth mentioning.

Personal information/ hobbies

If you have hobbies which can boost your candidature, you can mention them here. Or at times, you may be asked to share your details such as the passport number, license number etc. which can be shared here.


If you know any strategically important person, who can substantiate your credentials and help you proclaim your candidature, you may mention their contact details here. Do not share the complete details, unless explicitly asked. You can mention the name, designation and contact number. Do inform the person before mentioning their name in the reference section. A reference is always an effective tool to influence the employer.

These guidelines mentioned above would be helpful in effectively answering your question of on resume writing.

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