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When it comes to choosing a career, people have different plans, expectations and priorities. While some opt for high paying creative jobs, some opt for a stable job that will also guarantee a happy retirement. Some love to be a part of big multinational companies, while some wish to serve their nation. This inspires some to be a part of various government organizations or federal organizations, which gives a chance to serve the nation, and also gives a secure retirement option. The government resumes section will help you to find resumes for different government jobs or federal job categories.

A government job is desirable, because of the benefits attached to it. Some wish to get in to this because they actually wish to serve the nation, while some others like the privileges and benefits attached with this field. There are different profiles and sectors in government jobs. Some government jobs recruitment takes place based on various examinations. The candidates who clear these examinations are further screened and selected. Some recruitments take place directly on the basis of interviews. In both the cases, you need a strong resume. Any candidate applying directly on the basis of an interview, or clearing an exam, and then being called for an interview, needs a resume.

Some government jobs require a lot of physical strength and ability, like the armed services, police department, etc. Some others are more of a clerical nature, for example; various government organizations need many employees for controlling the operations and functions like passport office, traffic control office, etc. Here many people are needed to keep proper account of the data of the citizens, records of cases, complaints, etc. All this is clerical work. Thus, there are different profiles and different job requirements in the government sector as well.

The government sector is very attractive to many, because of the perks and benefits. A government employee gets all government holidays, benefits under various government schemes, accommodation, pension, subsidized or free services, etc. The benefits are very high as compared to any private sector job. However, some departments like the railway department do not provide leaves on declared government holidays, still there are many other benefits, which makes each and every job in the government sector, very attractive. Many people feel that getting into a government job will elude the fear of layoffs, retirement, etc. When there is an economic crisis and recession, many private organizations resort to layoff and many lose their jobs. In government jobs, this is not the case, and the employees have high levels of job security.

If you wish to work in the government sector, stay alert about various government job openings. These take place only at particular time, and you need to keep a check of this. Decide which job interests you, and prepare accordingly. Use the government resumes given in the links below, and apply for your dream job.

Government Resume Samples

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