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There are some industries, which never see a fall. Construction industry is one such industry. People will live in homes, and this gives rise to construction of buildings, row houses, etc. When it comes to buying a home or constructing a home, people have huge demands, and they also opt for professional designers to get their homes designed. This is done by architects. The architects are professionals who are trained in constructional designing. They design buildings, alterations and extensions. They also help in renovation and restoration of old structures. An architect is thus a person with a good imagination power, and excellent drawing skills that help in portraying the design ideas in his mind on paper.

Architects have a good scope. They can work independently or be a part of some big constructional group. The architects design big schemes, private houses, and when it comes to restoration and renovation of monuments, a specialized branch of architects work on it. This is thus a field, which has good scope. Just like any other stream, getting a job in this field will need a resume. An architect resume is similar to any other professional resume. However, one thing that differentiates this resume from others is the design portfolio attached with it. Some architects make it a point to attach a design portfolio. This is because the architect's capability is judged based on his/her designs.

The qualification and certificates are secondary, because having good grades and not being able to come up with good designs nullifies the degrees. The architects should be perfect with measurements, sketches, and good at using spaces. Although they design, they have to be well acquainted with rules and regulations, environment acts, etc. All this is a part of an architect's job. Not only this, the architects also have to play part in site selection, work in close collaboration with clients, and act responsibly towards the environment.

The skills and job responsibilities of an architect are quite different, and an architect's resume should mention all these skills. The qualifications would include the degree details, and the efficiency to operate various software programs designed for architectural designing. These courses, degrees and skills have to be mentioned in your resume, as these would be the keywords the employer would look for.

If you are an architect or an architecture student, learn how to write an effective architect resume. A good resume succeeds in impressing the prospective employers. To help you with this, some architect resume samples are given in the links below. Refer to these samples and draft your resume.

Architect Resume Samples

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