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Like any other industry, the construction industry too has many things to offer for the aspiring job seekers. Although the construction industry may see highs and lows quite frequently, it is still interesting to work in. This industry not only offers core construction jobs meant for construction engineers, but also opens doors for other profiles as well - supervision, accounting, administration, and so on. If a person is well equipped with the required knowledge about the construction industry and can handle more than one job responsibility, he can enjoy twofold benefits. However, this includes extra job responsibilities too.

General Duties of a Construction Job Profile:

Depending on the type of job, a person who has applied for a particular position in an organization has to handle certain duties. These duties and responsibilities are mentioned below:

  • Looking after the creation and execution of project plans related to construction and timely revision of the same, so as to match with the alterations and requirements
  • If the professional is an engineer, it is his responsibility to apply the engineering theories and principles, including the knowledge gained practically while conducting the job responsibilities. This includes the modification, development, and testing of machinery and equipment. The engineer also has to supervise other staffs that are assigned on a particular job and give directions regarding the assigned work
  • The job of the professional not only involves supervision and work allocation, but also includes coordination with clients and other staff members too. Other job duties do not focus on just engineering responsibilities, they also include tasks such as conducting electrical work, performing structural jobs, concrete mixing, plumbing etc. The other job responsibilities include purchasing of construction materials and important equipment too
  • The most important responsibility of a construction job is to follow the prescribed methodology and not divert from it in any manner. This is to ensure that the project standards are met and quality is maintained
  • Another job responsibility of a construction professional is that of reviewing the work and other given responsibilities and following the quality assurance procedures

Points for Drafting a Construction Resume:

A construction resume should include the below mentioned points in order to give it a neat and professional look to allure the eyes of the readers.

  • Contact information: The beginning of the resume should include the applicant's -
    • Complete name
    • Address (present or permanent)
    • Contact number
    • Email address
  • Career objective: This is an underlining statement which should be focused on the career goals of the candidate and job description of the desired profile. Care should be taken that it does not strays away from the employer's requirements
  • Career achievements: These can include all the merits that the candidate has earned in his educational and professional life and should go along with the job position
  • Work experience: This section includes all the job areas that the person has worked in. It should give complete details about the company and job position

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