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Every organization has a human resource department. In small-scale organizations, this might not be a separate department, but it still does exist. In medium or large-scale organizations, a separate human resource department becomes a necessity owing to a large number of employees. This section of human resource resume will help you write an effective resume to get a job in the human resource department.

A human resource (HR) professional has to deal with the workforce of the organization. There are many different job profiles in this section as well. The basic profile in the human resource department is that of a 'recruiter'. The basic job responsibility of an HR professional is recruiting employees as per the company's requirement. Recruitment and selection is the core job responsibility. With some experience, the professional moves up the ladder and get a higher designation and higher responsibilities. The HR generalist profile is what many HR professionals desire. This allows them to handle recruitment, selection, payroll, appraisal, training and development, etc. This profile gives them access to a wider scope of responsibilities. The highest position in this profile is a Human Resource Manager. He/she is responsible for making vital decisions related to the human resource policies, recruitment drives, salaries, appraisals, etc.

Since every organization has employees, it thus has a human resource department. This shows that there are many opportunities for this profile. Many people wish to work in this profile, because it is a decent office job and does not require much traveling or field work. The skills required for this job are not very complicated like for an automobile engineer or an architect. However, this does not mean that anyone can work in the human resource department. There are specific skill sets one needs, to work as a human resource executive.

A human resource executive should firstly like to interact with people. His/her main job is recruiting and selection, so he/she has to interact and understand the candidates. Not only with the candidates, the HR professional has to interact with various department heads and understand their requirements in order to recruit the right candidates. They also have to communicate with the employees, to help the organization function smoothly. They many a times have to talk to the employees on behalf of the management, and convey the management decisions effectively. An HR professional is also responsible for training and development activities within the organization. Thus, he/she should have skills of analyzing the requirements, and thus framing training sessions accordingly.

A human resource professional thus needs to be highly skilled in communication and analysis. The human resource resumes given in the links below will give you an idea about the skills and job responsibilities of a HR professional. This will help you present your skills and qualification in an apt way, so that you succeed in communicating the right information to the prospective employer.

Human Resources Resume Samples

  1. Assistant Personnel Officer Resume
  2. Assistant Vice president Of Human Resources Resume
  3. Benefits Coordinator Resume
  4. Compensation Manager Resume
  5. Director Of Human Resources Resume
  6. Employee Relation Manager Resume
  7. Employee Relations Representative Resume
  8. Employment Consultant (General) Resume
  9. Employment Specialist Resume
  10. Facility Manager Resume
  11. Job Placement Officer Resume
  12. Labor Relations Specialist Resume
  13. Payroll Coordinator Resume
  14. Personnel Consultant Resume
  15. Personnel Manager Resume
  16. Recruiter (Agency) Resume
  17. Recruiter (Human Resources Department) Resume
  18. Sales Employee Relation Resume
  19. Training Coordinator Resume
  20. Training Specialist Resume
  21. Vice president Of Human Resources Resume

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