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Seeking any job is not an easy task nowadays. The first step to apply for any job opportunity is to submit a resume application. The resume is a brief but up to date description of the applicant’s profile with respect to qualifications and job experience. There are certain tips that an applicant should follow while drafting a business resume. Any resume is based on the use of the right kind of words, grammar, and sentence construction. A business resume should also be precise and concise, so that it keeps the interviewing board gripped to the document. Moreover, it should be presented in a neat format and good language.

Steps for writing a Business Resume:

The above mentioned points are only the generic requirements of any resume; in order to make a business resume presentable, the below mentioned tips should be followed:

  • Before the applicant begins to draft the resume, he should have a clear objective as to why and for which post the resume is being drafted. This should be placed at the top of the page, which thus becomes the objective statement. The job objective is provided because it decides the job limitations of a person. Note that the objective is necessary for any business resume. If at all any business resume requires the applicant to provide the objective, it should be written in a short and to the point manner
  • Next in line are the educational qualifications and previous job experiences of the applicant. If the applicant has just passed out of college without having any previous organizational experience, his educational background that matches with the job description should be placed first. This can also include all the merits; and, as and when the applicant moves up different job ladders, the qualifications drop down. However, education can still be a part of the resume; it throws a different effect on the person's resume, showcasing that the person is still interested in gaining the field knowledge
  • When mentioning any number of job descriptions, the applicant should place the most recent job first and then the previous ones. These should be put in such a way that they mention the date, job location, tenure, job responsibilities, etc., in a formal format. The employer should be able to catch the important points from these descriptions. A consistency should be maintained for all types of the job descriptions mentioned and should not at all confuse the reader
  • Under every job description, the applicant can mention the duties and work handled. The descriptions will be mentioned designation wise if the person has moved from a low level to top level position

If the above points are placed neatly and properly, your resume is surely going to be selected by the recruiter.

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