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In this section we have provided a collection of different legal resume samples. If you wonder why do we have so many websites catering to resume writing services, and why we need specific resumes or Cvs (Curriculum Vitae) for every different job profile? This is because the basic purpose of a CV is to cater to the specific job requirements given by the employer. When the employer plans to recruit for a specific position, s/he drafts a job description specific to his/her requirements. This job description comes directly from the concerned department head, or by the human resource department, which keeps a record of all job descriptions, for all designation in the prganization. Therefore, When you apply for a law sector job opening, you must see that your legal resume is in sync with the job description. This makes it necessary to have a customized resume for every different job profile. Keeping this in mind, we have different sections for different job profiles, under various disciplines.

The collection of legal resume samples provided below, caters to the requirements of candidates for applying to positions such as attorney, legal secretaries, paralegal, law clerk, ombudsmane, etc. Almost, all jobs coming under this category are included in this section. The legal resume examples put up in this category, will help you understand how a CV pertaining to a legal job has to be written. Considering that the format of every CV remains more or less the same, you can choose any particular format you like; but the keywords to be included will change as per the job requirements. These 'keywords' are the specific skill sets or qualifications that the employer is looking for in the ideal candidate. You, thus, have to do some research while writing your professional synopsis.

When it comes to research, you do not have to worry. The research involves understanding the job requirements of the employer, and a little information about the organization profile. The job requirements or the qualities and the skill sets desired by the employer can be understood from the job description as may be given by the employers. A little research about the organization can be done by exploring the web, and viewing the website of the organization. It is also necessary to add some additional points in your legal resume, which may further reinforce you candidature. For example, if you see that the organization deals with clients from different countries, you can mention foreign languages as one of your key skills. The employer can thus judge that you can assist clients in their language, which is very essential to understand each and every point in their case. Any miscommunication in any legal case can lead to many problems.

Other skills that can be highlighted in your CV are your communication and writing skills. Being an attorney or a lawyer, you need to have a strong communication and writing skills, as part of your job profile. When you have to draft notices, or any such documents, you need to frame each and every sentence correctly. Thus, you have to be strong in writing skills.

If you have some experience in this field, mentioning the cases you have handled is very important for a legal resume. You will be judged on the complexity of these cases, and your way of tackling it.

To get a clearer picture of how your resume should be, click on the legal resume samples links given below.

Legal Resume Samples

  1. Assistant Attorney General Resume
  2. Attorney (Civil Law) Resume
  3. Attorney (Commercial Law) Resume
  4. Attorney (Environmental Law) Resume
  5. Attorney (Labor Relations) Resume
  6. Contracts Manager Resume
  7. Correctional Officer Or Peer Counselor Resume
  8. Court Officer Resume
  9. Court Reporter Resume
  10. Guard Resume
  11. Law Clerk (Corporate and Contract Law) Resume
  12. Law Clerk (Criminal Law) Resume
  13. Law Clerk (Judicial) Resume
  14. Law Prevention Manager Resume
  15. Law Student Resume
  16. Legal Assistant Resume
  17. Legal Case Manager Resume
  18. Legal Secretary (general Law) Resume
  19. Litigation Paralegal Resume
  20. Ombudsman Resume
  21. Paralegal (Civil Law) Resume
  22. Paralegal (Corporate Law) Resume
  23. Paralegal (Real Estate Law) Resume
  24. Paralegal (State Department) Resume
  25. Patent Agent Resume
  26. Police Officer (Municipal) Resume
  27. Police Sergeant Resume
  28. Security Manager Resume

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