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Communication is an important part of any business or profession. If any crucial data is not properly communicated, it can hamper the progress of the organization and its business ultimately. A person, who wants to apply for a job that involves handling communication responsibilities, has to be prompt and well equipped with the required skills. The most important requirement expected to possess by an applicant for this job is that of being a patient listener.

A communications resume is generally asked for in any workplace where there is a job opening for public relations officer or any kind of marketing or sales job profile. A public relations officer is responsible not only for handling verbal communication, but written too and so is the case with any marketing professional. A communications resume has to be well drafted with proper selection of words, as this too might reflect the communication skills of the applicant.

Tips for drafting Communications Resume:

As the title itself suggests, the communications resume must showcase the talent of the applicant in terms of (but not restricted to) communication. Given below are certain tips; these if followed can make the resume much more presentable.

  • For any communications resume, the language and sentence construction are of utmost importance. A written resume must be drafted in a lucid form with simple and correct language. Nowhere should the applicant display unnecessary knowledge, as this can bring negativity to the resume
  • The applicant can make use of power words. However, these should be utilized only in a limited manner. Too much usage of power words can make the applicant appear boastful. Words that show discouragement should be avoided completely
  • If a person does not have any previous job experience, he can mention the merits or recognitions gained during the academic years of his communications degree. He should emphasize the ways in which these merits can help the organization
  • For an applicant who has previous experience, he can highlight the important points of being a public relations officer or any other relevant position he worked at. These can also include the skills that he used in order to make the job even better
  • The communications resume should focus only on the job requirements and be addressed only to the specific employer. The use of pronouns should be eliminated as much as possible
  • Most importantly, a communications resume should include correct and to the point contact details of the applicant. These should not be vague and if the applicant makes any error in them, he might lose on a significant employment prospect

The list of resume samples given below includes editor, proofreader, public relations, writer, translator, etc., resume. Resume samples are also included for other positions such as television director, television producer, television production engineer, radio announcer, production editor, events planner, and many more.

Communications Resume Samples

  1. Assistant Editor Resume
  2. Author Resume
  3. Broadcast Journalist Resume
  4. Broadcast Producer Resume
  5. Broadcasting News Director Resume
  6. Central Head Corporate Communication Resume
  7. College Communication Graduate Resume
  8. Columnist Resume
  9. Communication Associate Resume
  10. Communication Specialist Resume
  11. Communications Engineer Resume
  12. Communications Manager Resume
  13. Copy Editor Resume
  14. Correspondent Resume
  15. Editor Resume
  16. Editorial Director Resume
  17. Events Planner Resume
  18. Information Support Specialist Resume
  19. Journalist Resume
  20. Managing Editor Resume
  21. Marketing Communications Resume
  22. Media Broadcasting Resume
  23. Production Editor Resume
  24. Proofreader Resume
  25. Public Relation (Fundraising) Resume
  26. Public Relation (Special Events) Resume
  27. Publicist Resume
  28. Radio Announcer Resume
  29. Radio Broadcasting Music Director Resume
  30. Radio Copy Writer Resume
  31. Radio Program Director Resume
  32. Radio Promotion Director Resume
  33. Sr Communication Associate Resume
  34. Symposium Coordinator Resume
  35. TV Promotion Director Resume
  36. Telecommunication Specialist Resume
  37. Television Director Resume
  38. Television Producer Resume
  39. Television Production Engineer Resume
  40. Television Program Director Resume
  41. Translator Resume
  42. VP Corporate Communication Resume
  43. Wireless Consultant Resume
  44. Writer Resume

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