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Whenever a professional seeks a new job, he or she starts off by sending a resume first or displaying it before the interviewing authority. If the resume is crisp and to the point, there is a hundred percent chance of getting it selected for further rounds of interview. Accounting resumes differ for every level and carry details specific to each particular position. For example, as you can see from the below given collection of resume samples, the details shared in an entry level resume for a graduate accountant are different from those shared in that for an accounting manager.

Though the word 'accounting' sounds easy to the ears, it is more of an advanced level of science which records major financial data of a company. The maintenance of such financial data and records is a tough job and the more experienced the person in this task, the more it reflects on the resume.

From these samples, you can also observe that a resume should be presented in the right format and must not contain any kind of erroneous information in the career details at all. Everything that is mentioned in the document should be up to date. However, it should be taken care that the vital information is not eliminated. In fact, such information should be presented in brief, highlighting the most important points. The responsibilities of an accountant are enormous and the person is responsible for handling major part of the data related to accounts and finance.

Every detail related to the accountant should be presented under different sections. This helps to format the resume neatly and make it more legible. Besides, the document should include the qualifications desired to be possessed by an accountant. These should begin with school and college details and then move on to professional courses and other qualifications that the person has accomplished. The educational details should be included in the first section. The next section should include the job experiences - as to where the person has worked before and the kind of responsibilities he or she had undertaken in the previous ventures. The job responsibilities, too, should be precise, concrete and must include complete details. This should not be overdone and one must make use of right words to emphasize the important points.

A separate section of the resume can be devoted to the personal traits or qualities that make up the highlights of one's personality. This section should include those personality traits which commensurate with the job requirements and prove how they can help in building up the company even better. It can further include extracurricular skills that highlight the leadership and communication skills of the applicant. Nevertheless, one should ensure that these details are not irrelevant or inapplicable to the job profile applied for. Otherwise, it may result in rejection of the resume.

For specific and detailed information, take a look at the helpful and informative samples provided here. These will help you to create convincing resumes and impress the employers to consider you as their future employee.

Accounting Resume Samples

  1. Account Payable Assistant Resume
  2. Account Payable Clerk (General) Resume
  3. Accountancy Lecturer Resume
  4. Accountant Resume
  5. Accounting Analyst Resume
  6. Accounting Area Leader Resume
  7. Accounting Assistant Resume
  8. Accounting Clerk Resume
  9. Accounting Consultant Resume
  10. Accounting Director Resume
  11. Accounting Executive Resume
  12. Accounting Manager (Funds) Resume
  13. Accounting Manager (General) Resume
  14. Accounting Manager (Manufacturing) Resume
  15. Accounting Technician Resume
  16. Accounts Receivable Clerk Resume
  17. Actuarial Analyst Resume
  18. Actuary Resume
  19. Agency Bookkeeper Resume
  20. Assistant Portfolio Manager Resume
  21. Assistant Reconciliation Accountant Resume
  22. Audit Manager Resume
  23. Bank Administration Resume
  24. Bank Treasurer Resume
  25. Bankruptcy Analyst Resume
  26. Billing Clerk Resume
  27. Billing Supervisor Resume
  28. Bookkeeping Clerk Resume
  29. Budget Accountant Resume
  30. Budget Analyst Resume
  31. Cash Accountant Resume
  32. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Resume
  33. Chartered Accountant Resume
  34. Church Accountant Resume
  35. Construction Accountant Resume
  36. Corporate Accountant Resume
  37. Corporate Controller Accounts Resume
  38. Corporate Tax Accountant Resume
  39. Cost Accountant Resume
  40. Credit Controller Resume
  41. Director of Accounts Resume
  42. Entry Level Accounting Resume
  43. FBI Accountant Resume
  44. Film Production Accountant Resume
  45. Financial Reporting Accountant Resume
  46. Fixed Asset Accountant Resume
  47. Forensic Accountant Resume
  48. General Bookkeeper Resume
  49. General Ledger Accountant Resume
  50. Government Accountant Resume
  51. Grant Accountant Resume
  52. Hedge Fund Accountant Resume
  53. Hotel Accountant Resume
  54. Internal Auditor Resume
  55. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Auditor Resume
  56. International Accountant Resume
  57. Junior Accountant Resume
  58. Management Accountant (Airline) Resume
  59. Management Accountant (Restaurant) Resume
  60. Manufacturing Cost Accountant Resume
  61. Mutual Fund Accountant Resume
  62. Office Manager Bookkeeper Resume
  63. Patient Accounting Clerk Resume
  64. Patient Accounting Manager Resume
  65. Payroll Accountant Resume
  66. Plant Accountant Resume
  67. Portfolio Accountant Resume
  68. Private Accountant Resume
  69. Production Accounting Assistant Resume
  70. Professional Accountant Resume
  71. Project Accountant Resume
  72. Project Cost Accountant Resume
  73. Quantitative Analyst Resume
  74. Quantitative Research Analyst Resume
  75. Real Estate Accountant Resume
  76. Reimbursement Accounting Specialist Resume
  77. Revenue Accountant Resume
  78. Senior Fund Accounting Analyst Resume
  79. Senior Pricing Analyst Resume
  80. Staff Accountant Resume
  81. Stock Accountant Resume
  82. Supermarket Cashier Resume
  83. Supervisor (Retail Accounting) Resume
  84. Tax Accountant Resume
  85. Tax Manager Resume
  86. Tax Preparer Resume
  87. Tax Specialist Resume
  88. Telecom Expenses Management Resume
  89. Tour Accountant Resume
  90. Treasury Analyst Resume
  91. Trust Accountant Resume
  92. VAT Accountant Resume

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