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Irrespective of how the economic condition is, there are numerous opportunities in the field of finance. And any business or profession requires finance and accounting professionals for their functioning. Any person who chooses to apply for the position of a financer or accountant has to have a sound knowledge of accounts and finance. This job requires a lot of skills and professionalism from the candidate. A person has to be well equipped with the knowledge of accounts and finance. As both accounts and finance deal with important figures relating to money, the experience of a candidate in this related field can turn out to be a focal point.

Every organization or company may have different requirements in the department of accounts and finance. Candidates applying for this post should study the basic necessities of the job. This will enable them to correlate their experiences with the job in a much better manner, thus making their resumes more precise and professional. There are certain points which should be taken care of when drafting any finance resume. These points are mentioned below:

  • Identifying the goal: As mentioned earlier, the candidate applying for an accounting or finance related job should review the post clearly. Setting targets well before any job application is beneficial to the applicant. He or she can steer the resume in that direction. Once the candidate has done enough research about the company, resume drafting becomes easier and the applicant knows on what points to emphasize.
  • Compiling qualifications and experiences: For a finance resume, the compilation of strengths and educational degrees is more important. Therefore, once the contact details have been added in the initial paragraph, the next one should contain details about qualifications. This can include degrees in accounting, specialized degrees and other achievements. For an experienced applicant, the recent job will be placed first. All the job experiences must include the responsibilities one after the other and in a sensible format. They should not look haywire and confuse the employer. If the responsibilities are put in bulleted points with brief paragraphs, the reader develops interest and focuses only on the most important points pertaining to the required job. The core responsibilities of the candidate should revolve around things like financial planning, audit responsibilities, cash flow management, business valuation and so on.
  • Accomplishments: Accomplishments are a key factor in any finance related resume. When an applicant mentions accomplishments, it adds leverage to the resume. It shows how the applicant’s accomplishments brought about the necessary change in the company’s business and other policies.

There are numerous positions related to the field of finance and accounts in any organization, the applicant’s resume should target the right job only.

Finance Resume Samples

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