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If you are interested in getting a job in the advertising field, an advertising resume will be of great help to you. There are different job profiles in the advertising industry. This industry mainly focuses on 'presentation'. An advertisement is how you present a certain product in front of a group of audiences. If you wish to get in to such an industry, the way you present yourself is very important. Your resume will do this for you. The way you portray yourself in front of the prospective employer, is very important because you are trying to get into an industry where presentation is the crux. If you fail to do it for yourself, you cannot explain how you would do it for your client.

While trying to get into an advertising industry, the employer looks for creativity and presentation skills in you. Thus, a copied resume, a copied career objective in your resume, etc. will create a wrong impression on the reader. If you cannot be original and creative in writing your own resume, how can the client expect it in terms of work from you for your client?

Referring to advertising resumes will help you get an idea of how your resume should look like, what information should you include, etc. However, as said above, never copy. You can refer to a sample, but copying is something least expected from you.

Besides this, the format remains more or less the same. The header should have your name and contact details. After this comes the career objective. The objective should be precise and realistic. A vague objective puts the reader in doubt about your future career goals.

The main body of the resume should have your qualification details, professional details, projects undertaken, achievements, and personal details at the end. In this case, projects undertaken are very important if you have worked with advertising agencies. This will help the reader analyze your versatility and creativity. If you provide them with a list of products or projects undertaken by you, he/she can go through your work and could reach to a conclusion easily.

Now again the role you are opting for is important. If you wish to work as a 'business development executive' for some advertising agency, your past work experience should have the names of clients you managed to woo for the company. If you were looking at a creative profile, your designs, ad copy, etc. would be analyzed. For this, give the names of the clients you have worked for.

Refer to some of the advertising resume samples given below to get an idea of how your resume will look like.

Advertising Resume Samples

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  9. Advertising Customer Care Resume
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  11. Advertising Sales Director Resume
  12. Advertising Sales Professional Resume
  13. Advertising Specialist Resume
  14. Assistant Media Planner Resume
  15. Brand Manager Resume
  16. Client Strategist Advertising Resume
  17. Client Support Specialist Resume
  18. Copy Associate Resume
  19. Digital Advertising Manager Resume
  20. Entry Level Advertising Resume
  21. Field Operations Assistant Resume
  22. Online Advertising Specialist Resume

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