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Any job vacancy for the position of an executive would best be filled by someone with a dynamic personality. Not only does the resume of such an applicant have to be outstanding, the person should be equally commanding and charismatic. An executive position is the one which requires candidates with smart stature and adaptive personality. An executive resume can be extremely marketable only if it is managed efficiently and effectively. This resume is so important that it should land in the hands of the right person and that too at the right time.

Before a person starts drafting an executive resume, he or she should be utmost confident of handling the job responsibilities required from this job. There are targets that have to be achieved within the deadline and the executive has to be vigilant about these facts. He or she should have remarkable leadership qualities, excellent educational background and other skills. Once, these qualities have been introspected by the candidate he/she can begin with the process of drafting the resume. The other important point to be kept in mind by the applying candidates is that they should maintain straightforwardness and honesty of information. The resume should not only look refined and well polished, but it should be capable of emphasizing the most important points so that it gets picked up first. In certain cases, despite placing the accomplishments and fabricating the important points, the resume does not appear satisfactory. But, these things do not have to be anything to worry about if, the style, the language and the information are legible and lucid.

There are certain steps which can be aptly followed by the candidate while drafting an executive resume, these are given below:

  • The resume for an executive should begin with the recent career experiences first and then the older ones. The recent career moves are an eye catcher for the recruiter or the employer.
  • For any experienced executive who is vying for a similar position, the results of delivery of that particular job are more important. However, this does not mean that the candidate should stretch the facts unnecessarily. Facts are facts and these should not be overdone. The employers are clever enough to find out the difference between the true information and false data. Hence, these should be honest and accurate. Yes, this can include the achievements and how they helped in climbing up the high ladder of management.
  • The resume should not appear lengthy and cumbersome and should only skim upon the most crucial details. Also, the resume should be aimed at a specific party only and it should not get into the hands of a number of people. Neither should it be pasted on public websites because there are chances of it going out of control of the person who drafted it.

So just see our list below and find one which suits your needs. Your can also look at our sister site for more executive resumes.

Executive Resume Samples

  1. Accounting Coordinator Resume
  2. Ad Agency Account Executive Resume
  3. Administrative Executive Resume
  4. Advertising Executive Resume
  5. Assistant Vice President (Banking) Resume
  6. Assistant Vice president (Commercial Finance) Resume
  7. Association Executive Resume
  8. Automotive Account Executive Resume
  9. Bilingual Executive Resume
  10. Business Development Resume
  11. Business Executive Resume
  12. Call Center Executive Resume
  13. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Resume
  14. Chief Nurse Executive Resume
  15. Chief Operations Officer Resume
  16. Claims Examiner Resume
  17. Clear Channel Account Executive Resume
  18. Communication Executive Resume
  19. Construction Executive Resume
  20. Controller (General) Resume
  21. Corporate Travel Sales Executive Resume
  22. Cosmetic Account Executive Resume
  23. Creative Executive Resume
  24. Customer Care Executive Resume
  25. Customer Executive Resume
  26. Customer Support Executive Resume
  27. Development Executive Resume
  28. Digital Account Executive Resume
  29. Director Of Operations Resume
  30. Engineering Executive Resume
  31. Environmental Executive Resume
  32. Event Executive Resume
  33. Executive Marketing Director Resume
  34. Executive Secretary (Banking) Resume
  35. Fashion Sales Executive Resume
  36. Field Assurance Coordinator Resume
  37. Field Sales Executive Resume
  38. Finance Executive Resume
  39. Global Accounts Executive Resume
  40. Guest Relations Executive Resume
  41. HMO Administrator Resume
  42. HR Executive Resume
  43. Health Care Executive Resume
  44. Health and Safety Executive Resume
  45. Hospital Administrator Resume
  46. IT Sales Executive Resume
  47. Insurance Coordinator Resume
  48. Insurance Executive Resume
  49. Internal Sales Executive Resume
  50. International Sales Executive Resume
  51. Licensing Executive Resume
  52. Local Government Executive Resume
  53. Logistics Executive Resume
  54. MBA Executive Resume
  55. Management Executive Resume
  56. Manufacturing Executive Resume
  57. Marketing Account Executive Resume
  58. Merchandising Executive Resume
  59. Mortgage Account Executive Resume
  60. Online Account Executive Resume
  61. Operations Executive Resume
  62. President (Banking) Resume
  63. President (Marketing) Resume
  64. Public Relations Account Executive Resume
  65. Radio Sales Executive Resume
  66. Retail Executive Resume
  67. Sales Account Executive Resume
  68. Skin Care Account Executive Resume
  69. Sourcing Executive Resume
  70. Sponsorship Executive Resume
  71. Studio Executive Resume
  72. Supply Chain Executive Resume
  73. Transportation Executive Resume
  74. Vice President (Sales And Marketing) Resume
  75. Vice president (Construction) Resume

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