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A resume is your passport to the job you aspire for. It reflects who you are - your abilities and potential. In today's super competitive age where there are hundreds of candidates vying for every single seat, it is your resume that can single handedly make all the difference, and project you as the ideal candidate who would be best suited for the post. This however, requires comprehensive knowledge of resume writing and resume layout. To assist the candidates draft a professional and job wining resume, we have dedicated this section to basics of resume writing, and tips for doing the same effectively.

The strategy is to write a resume that is impossible for the recruiters to ignore and resist. Whether are a fresher on your first job hunt, or someone looking for a change of job, you may well wonder how to come up with such an impressive and outstanding resume. While it is true that resume writing is an art that requires substantial writing skills along with qualities like brevity and precision, it is also true that with a little time and well guided efforts, you can successfully create a winning resume. Our website will equip you with all the ingredients and tips you require to design a resume that is sure to turn the dice in your favor.

Why is a resume so important and what is its purpose? A must know, before you actually know read resume writing styles and techniques. A resume is a means to advertise your candidature; it is an attempt to convince that you are the best person for the job. The most important aspect to be remembered while designing a resume is that it has to "hit the target." The resume should be written keeping in mind the vision of the employers. It is not enough just to list your qualifications and achievements without ensuring that they match the goals of the organization. Therefore you have to tailor your resume according to the job profile and the requirements of the prospective employer.

How do recruiters use your resume? Your resume writing should always be targeted towards this one aspect, that is to target the details which an employer looks for in the resume. read the points given below, for a clear idea.

  • Cursory screening of the applicants: While taking a first look at the huge stack of resumes that have arrived in response to an advertisement for a job vacancy, most recruiters glance only for as long as 30 seconds per resume
  • Evaluate your writing and communication skills: This is where the look and general appeal of your resume play their part. A resume with a professional touch, meticulous design and crisp language will be the pick of the recruiters
  • Qualifications: The candidate's qualifications are assessed to ensure that they match the job profile. The expertise of the applicant in the field is judged before the resume can be shortlisted for the next round
  • Prior Experience and achievements: This gives the recruiters an idea of your abilities and whether you have it in you to shoulder the responsibilities of the position applied for. Your achievements help to give you an edge over the other applicants
  • The overall impression: On reading the resume, the impression that should have a lasting effect on the reader should be that of the uniqueness of the candidate. The perfect resume succeeds in projecting you as a rare and capable individual who would prove an asset to the organization.

Knowing the parameters by which your resume would be assessed is the first step towards building one that effectively brings out your strengths while molding them to suit the job requirements and the organizational goals.

Important tips to write the perfect resume

A must for effective resume writing, your resume should be able to catch the employer's eye and stand out from amongst the hundreds competing for the post. How would you make sure that your resume can make the desired impact? Following the useful tips and guidelines mentioned here will surely help you carve a resume that is professional looking as well as distinctive.

  1. Keep the tone subtle: While it is absolutely important to project your skill sets and achievements, it is just as essential to do so in a subtle manner without sounding over bearing and unrealistic.
  2. Crisp language: A smart resume uses precise language and refrain from delving too deep into details that are irrelevant and unnecessary. Avoid using the first person too often and skip the pronouns like "me" and "my" as far as possible
  3. Use a readable clear font and highlight only the headings. Restrict the use of bullets only to accentuate your skills or experiences.
  4. Follow the correct format: Start with an objective, followed by a summary, skills, qualifications, experience, achievements, personal details and references
  5. It is always recommended to develop strong vocabulary of resume verbs, as part of resume writing skills. Use action words that are assertive, evoke confidence and focus on your achievements. They include, - "developed", "led", "accomplished", "succeeded".

A well crafted resume will usher in new and exciting career opportunities and be the stepping stone to a bright future. Our website will offer you all that you need, from valuable tips and pointers to sample resumes, that will enable you to craft that ideal resume which could well prove to be the catalyst that leads you to the perfect job you have always aspired for!

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