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A driver is a professional who knows how to drive any vehicle, particularly a four wheeler, in an efficient and methodical manner. Although a driver's job does not sound easy to apply for, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and demands great caution while on duty. There are certain very important things which have to be followed by a candidate when applying for a driver job. These are mentioned below:

  • The first and foremost thing is being acquainted with the methods of driving a vehicle safely and properly
  • A driver is suppose to follow the designated routes of travel where business is involved. Traveling not only includes the dispatch of goods, but can also include the movement of people from one place to another
  • There are additional responsibilities associated with this job, which include assisting passengers with the boarding and exiting procedures. This may also ask for the movement of luggages, baggages, and any other items or personal belongings of the passengers
  • As driving is not a risk free job, a driver has to stay tough under adverse weather conditions as well. Therefore, the job involves monitoring the traffic and climatic conditions and informing the authorities of any potential concerns

Keeping the above points in hand, a candidate can apply for the post of driver. The most crucial requirement for any person to apply for a driver position is to carry a valid driver's license.

A driver resume should bear the below given points and be drafted accordingly.

Steps for Drafting a Driver Resume:

  • Objective statement: The beginning of any resume should be with the objective statement. The objective statement of a driver resume will differ as per the vehicle that the person is required to drive while being present on the job. Thus, the objective statement will differ for a car, van, trailer, limousine, lift, etc., driver
  • Qualifications: A driver resume does not have to necessarily include higher educational qualifications unless specified by the employer. There is no particular degree that relates any driving job. However, the resume can include the basic qualifications such as a diploma or degree which the applicant has obtained in high school or college
  • Experience: This is the most important part of a driver resume. More the experience that the professional has derived from different jobs the more better it is for his future career. It cannot be always held true because the consistency in previous jobs has to be taken into consideration as well. The candidate should mention the reasons for quitting the previous jobs in his application. Anyone who applies for the position of driver should not carry any criminal record or record of any accident

Driver Resume Samples

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  16. Casual Driver Resume
  17. Chauffeur Resume
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  20. Coach Driver Resume
  21. Commercial Driver Resume
  22. Company Driver Resume
  23. Concrete Mixer Truck Driver Resume
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  25. Courtesy Driver Resume
  26. DZ Driver Resume
  27. Dealer Trade Driver Resume
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  29. Driver Utility Worker Resume
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  39. Furniture Delivery Driver Resume
  40. Garbage Truck Driver Resume
  41. Haul Truck Driver Resume
  42. Hazmat Driver Resume
  43. Home Delivery Driver Resume
  44. Hot Shot Driver Resume
  45. Hotel Driver Resume
  46. Icecream Truck Driver Resume
  47. Industrial Truck Driver Resume
  48. LTL Driver Resume
  49. Lead Driver Resume
  50. Lift Driver Resume
  51. Limousine Driver Resume
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  53. Local Delivery Driver Resume
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  59. Pharmacy Delivery Driver Resume
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  62. Route Driver Resume
  63. Sales Delivery Driver Supervisor Resume
  64. Sales Route Driver Resume
  65. School Bus Driver Resume
  66. Semi Truck Driver Resume
  67. Shuttle Bus Driver Resume
  68. Taxi Driver Resume
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  70. Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Resume
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  72. Transport Driver Resume
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