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An organization has different employees appointed for different tasks. The duties of different employees together lead to the accomplishment of goals of the organization. Every job has different requirements and different responsibilities attached to it. One such designation is the office clerk. An office clerk is as important as any other designation or job in the organization. The duties of the office clerk helps in the smooth functioning of various other departments. The clerical positions are available in various organizations like banks, schools, government offices, etc. To apply for such clerical positions you will need a clerical resume.

As the name suggests, clerical resume will be used by an aspiring candidate who wishes to get a job in the clerical field. The purpose of the resume will remain the same, but the way it is presented, and its contents, objectives, etc. will vary. The objectives and contents of the resume will be customized as per the job requirements and the organization. The career objective in your resume defines your career goal, but this objective if written skillfully and aligned to the organizational goals of the organization you are seeking an entry in, will be more helpful to you. Merely writing a resume is not a difficult task, but writing a successful resume that will get you an entry in the organization you wish to, is a bit difficult. This makes it essential that you refer to certain sample resumes.

When you look for sample resumes, there are many websites that provide you with different resume samples. However, which sample is apt for the job category you are opting for, and which sample resume would be best for you is very important. You need to understand, that every job has a different requirement, and your resume should answer this requirement. You should choose the style and format of your resume carefully, and thus write your resume with utmost care.

After choosing the right style and format of your resume, you need to skillfully present all the details about your education, work experience and personality traits. The career objective should be in sync with the industry or organization goals. While you mention all details in your resume, see to it that it does not go beyond 3 pages. Your resume has to be precise, with all the required information present in it. While mentioning about your personality traits - strengths and weaknesses; justify your strengths, and present your weaknesses as an underlying strength.

Refer to some sample clerical resumes given in the links below. These will help you phrase your career objective, and also help you understand what information you should include in your resume. It will probably help you write about your work experience as well, in a way that will present your job responsibilities wisely. Writing a resume is not difficult, but presenting your skills and abilities in a way that will give you all the success you deserve is; the correct resume writing technique along with some efforts, will make things easier for you.

Clerical Resume Samples

  1. Administrative Clerical Resume
  2. Advertising Clerk Resume
  3. Clerical Assistant Resume
  4. Finance Clerk Resume
  5. Food Clerk Resume
  6. Gas Station Clerk Resume
  7. General Accounting Clerk Resume
  8. HIM Clerk Resume
  9. HR Clerk Resume
  10. Health Information Clerk Resume
  11. Hospital Clerk Resume
  12. Hotel Desk Clerk Resume
  13. Human Resources Clerk Resume
  14. Imaging Clerk Resume
  15. Import Export Clerk Resume
  16. Index Clerk Resume
  17. Information Clerk Resume
  18. Insurance Clerk Resume
  19. Invoice Clerk Resume
  20. Judicial Clerk Resume
  21. Judicial Law Clerk Resume
  22. Law Clerk Resume
  23. Library Clerk Resume
  24. Liquor Store Clerk Resume
  25. Loan Clerk Resume
  26. Mail Clerk Resume
  27. Maintenance Clerk Resume
  28. Marketing Clerk Resume
  29. Meat Clerk Resume
  30. Medical Billing Clerk Resume
  31. Medical File Clerk Resume
  32. Medical Registration Clerk Resume
  33. Municipal Court Clerk Resume
  34. Nursing Unit Clerk Resume
  35. Office Automation Clerk Resume
  36. Office Clerk Resume
  37. Operations Clerk Resume
  38. Order Clerk Resume
  39. Parts Clerk Resume
  40. Payroll Clerk Resume
  41. Personnel Clerk Resume
  42. Pharmacy Clerk Resume
  43. Pit Clerk Resume
  44. Police Records Clerk Resume
  45. Post Office Counter Clerk Resume
  46. Processing Clerk Resume
  47. Procurement Clerk Resume
  48. Produce Clerk Resume
  49. Production Clerk Resume
  50. Property Clerk Resume
  51. Purchasing Clerk Resume
  52. Quality Clerk Resume
  53. Quality Control Clerk Resume
  54. Radiology Clerk Resume
  55. Receiving Clerk Resume
  56. Reconciliation Clerk Resume
  57. Records Clerk Resume
  58. Research Clerk Resume
  59. Reservations Clerk Resume
  60. Safeway Courtesy Clerk Resume
  61. Sales Clerk Resume
  62. Scanning Clerk Resume
  63. School Clerk Resume
  64. Seafood Clerk Resume
  65. Security Clerk Resume
  66. Staffing Clerk Resume
  67. Statistical Clerk Resume

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