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The field of entertainment is full of glamour and glitz. Many youngsters have a dream to be the next Angelina Jolie or Tom Cruise. They work hard towards it. However, this is also an industry - the entertainment industry. Just like one needs a resume to get into an industry, the entertainment industry is no exception. You need to have a resume that would describe your qualification in the same field, your achievements, internship, project, etc. Such a resume for getting into an acting industry is known as an 'Acting resume'.

While trying to get a break in the industry, you must know that an effective resume is a must for you. Even if you have little or no experience, you need to present it to the different production houses, directors, producers, etc. Even if you have no professional experience, you can still make a strong resume by mentioning the details of any drama or skit performed in your school days or at college. If you have been a part of a theater group, or any street show group, mentioning this in your resume might directly pave the way for an audition.

The actor's resume follows certain protocols like any normal resume. For example, a set format, font, font size, etc. The name and contact details on the top of the page. There is one thing, which is different of course; for other resumes, attaching a photograph is not necessary, but it is advisable that you attach a photograph, a small passport size photograph, with your resume. This will create the visual effect on the reader.

Mention the names of plays and roles you have enacted. In some production houses, you need to provide set of videos of these plays. However, do not give out CD's of your performance with your resume, until it's asked for.

If you have won any awards for your performances, mention these in your resume. Just like any other profession, your resume will also have an awards and achievements section, wherein you can put these details.

A well-structured, precise resume fetches the opportunities you always wanted. Do not mess up with it, and miss the chance. Your acting resume or actor's resume will help you realize your dreams.

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