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Computers are technologically advanced machines used in the day-to-day life by every individual nowadays. Be it for domestic or business purpose, they are considered as the fastest running electronic devices for storing, gathering, and analyzing any kind of information. For every applicant who is required to send a resume for any post or designation in a company, having knowledge of the computer operations is a basic requirement. When writing a computer resume, one has to be job specific because there can be job requirements for different job profiles or the same profile, but in different departments. For instance, there can be an opening for the post of front office computer operator, technical expert, hardware engineer, software engineer, system analyst, etc.

Every resume has to be drafted well and in a legible hand. Whenever there is a requirement for any computer field related profile in an organization, the resume should mention points that rotate around that specific profile only. In the recent time, all resumes are typewritten via computers. There are ready-made templates and software available, through which resumes can be designed in no time. However, these ready-made formats may not always be reliable and helpful. A self written resume always helps to add or subtract data. For someone who is drafting a resume for the first time, these ready-made templates can help a lot, but not always.

Do's and don'ts of computer resume writing:

  • Your computer resume should focus on the required points and catch the eyes of the employer at the first look itself. There are a number of resumes that have to be screened by the employer and he selects only the best amongst these. In order to ensure that the employer focuses on your resume at the first glance, it should bear an effective objective statement. This objective statement should be the focal point of the document. It should be framed in a simple form and include the designation for which you have applied in a company
  • Your resume should not mention the accomplishments only, but also include the job duties. It does not mean that accomplishments should be eliminated completely. They along with the duties should go hand in hand. Both the terms should be interlinked with each other. The words "duties", "responsibilities", etc. if mentioned in isolation do not create the required impression on the interviewer. The accomplishments should not be presented in a scattered manner from the job responsibilities.
  • The most important ingredients of a resume are the job experiences and education or academic degrees. Applicants who are experienced may include their job descriptions first and then the educational details. On the other hand, those who are not experienced may include their qualifications first and then relate them to the job requirements.

For an applicant of this field, what more important is the knowledge of computer technologies, related educational degrees - course certificate of any computer language, etc., and efficient computer skills. These should be stressed at the focal point of your computer resume.

Computers Resume Samples

  1. Applications Programmer (General) Resume
  2. Applications Programmer (Senior) 1 Resume
  3. Applications Programmer (Senior) 2 Resume
  4. Associate Computer Scientist Resume
  5. CAD Designer Resume
  6. CAD Drafter Resume
  7. CISCO Network Associate Resume
  8. Computer Assembler Resume
  9. Computer Equipment Specialist Resume
  10. Computer Instructor Resume
  11. Computer Operator Supervisor Resume
  12. Computer Operator Resume
  13. Computer Scientist Resume
  14. Computer Skill Resume
  15. Computer Systems Compliance Manager Resume
  16. Computer Technician Resume
  17. Developmental Engineer Resume
  18. Director Of Information Services Resume
  19. Hardware Engineer Resume
  20. Information Analyst Resume
  21. Internet Portal Tester Resume
  22. Knowledge Management Specialist Resume
  23. LAN Administrator Resume
  24. MIS Manager Resume
  25. Operations Analyst Resume
  26. Project Manager Resume
  27. Statistician Resume
  28. Subcontractor (Programming) Resume
  29. System Analyst (Custom Product) Resume
  30. System Analyst (Industrial) Resume
  31. System Engineer Resume
  32. Technical Engineer Resume
  33. Web Communication Specialist Resume
  34. Web Marketing Specialist Resume
  35. Web Programmer Resume
  36. Zen Works Consultant Resume

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