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Emergency services are specialized services wherein the personnel are supposed to undertake specialized tasks under critical and crisis circumstances. The task force employed by such organizations need to possess exceptional skills and over and above this, once they are selected for the job, they also undergo intensive training. Employment in such organizations is considered noble and work is quite endless. A fire resume sounds easy but, it has to be drafted quite differently. A fire resume can mean applying for any kind of a job that is related to the fire department. This generally involves saving people's lives when a fire has struck somewhere.

A fire resume should be based more on experience than any other factor. The job requires candidates who can put in rigorous efforts in emergency situations. There are other things also that matter the most in such a resume; these are leadership and analytical skills, risk management, budgeting responsibilities, ability of improving the rescue operations, etc. The fire resume can begin with a short introduction about the applicant and describe in brief the number of years of service and special skills. The special skills can be put forth in bulleted points. This way they become easier to read and catch the eye of the employer immediately. This section can also include all the special skills that the applicant learnt while being on the job.

After the skills, the applicant can put across the awards and recognitions that he or she has won in the previous jobs. This can be any academic or merit award too. Awards and honors can include meritorious awards or community service awards too.

For an experienced candidate, the more the companies that he or she has worked at, these can be placed right after the skills. It can include the accomplishments too. Accomplishments are the backbone of any resume. By mentioning them at the right places in the resume, the employer is bound to get a better impression.

The work experiences should be arranged in such a way that they should highlight the growth of the applicant.

Education and any other specialized training can follow the skills and previous job profiles. If there is any project work involved at the time of education and has achieved merit, this too can be a plus point. Certifications and affiliations for any other education and training too can be added to this section.

Technical skills and achievements will help in making the resume even better and enhance its viability.

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