A resume is a document which gives the employer the details about the applicant's qualification, career achievements, extra curricular activities, accolades, hobbies and other related information. This is a very important document, and highlights the applicant's potential on the whole. The selection of a candidate is based on various factors and skills. For certain job requirements that require highly qualified people, education always matters. But, there are other sets of requirements too, such as personal skills, qualities and hobbies. The skills, strengths and weaknesses of a candidate are the basis on which employers decide the potential of an applicant. Therefore, the skills should be portrayed in such a way that they attract the attention of the employer.

When the skills of the applicant appear interesting to the employer, there are chances that the particular candidate may get that call for a verbal interview. While drafting skills on a resume, please make sure those are authentic, accompanied with sufficient facts and figures and are presented in an articulate manner.

The flow of a resume is not pre-decided, and the applicant can present it according to the advertisement. The skills basically follow the educational details. They may be inborn, job specific, tactical, organizational and/or language specific. The skills section can be organized in many ways, and a neatly organized format makes it more readable. Different skill-sets can be grouped separately under sub categories.

Skills and Abilities:

Some examples of common skills that an applicant possesses are as follows:

  • Communication skills: this should include details about written and verbal skills with the use of proper grammar and good voice.
  • Interpersonal skills: should talk about the applicant's relations with colleagues and seniors, and also about the positive evaluations received from the earlier senior officials.
  • Flexibility: it means the person is able to adapt to any work environment, and is ready to try out new things so as to bring efficiency and improvisation in the assigned tasks.
  • Detail oriented: candidate pays attention to the quality of the product or services, and ensures on time delivery of them.
  • Hard working: the applicant is ready to put in the required efforts whenever necessary and in competitive situations.
  • Good customer service: if the applicant has handled customers in previous jobs, he or she can mention this and include some of the customer's feedback too.
  • Others: these can be anything related to extra curricular activities other than basic skill set.

Once, the skills are properly formatted and included in the resume, it becomes easier for the reader to understand the applicant.