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Student resume usually highlights your educational achievements on various projects, part-time jobs as well as any additional activities you have carried out. It could even include some of your communicative techniques, which are required for different kinds of certified and professional careers. However, student resumes are getting wider as well as extremely interesting.

Generally, there are different types of student resumes or CVs, as well as reference letters and applications that are useful for the graduate and post-graduate students. An impressive CV is extremely important if a graduate or a post-graduate is seeking for an employment. Students can check out our collection of student resume samples, for finding an appropriate and suitable example for their requirements.

There are various categories of students, and so are the types of CVs. These include college student resume, resume for high school student, vocational student Cv, entry level student CV, recent graduate resume, etc. Usually, a CV emphasizes on student's educational background and academic achievements. Therefore, they must have an impressive record to put forth in the resume. Students can also check out our collection of different student resume examples, for a clear idea and relevance to information discussed here.

College Resume: College resumes are usually designed and planned for the graduate students. Generally, the graduate's students apply for internships, full-time job posts and also for summer jobs. Therefore, you have to get ideas to create an impressive resume in order, to achieve an opportunity for an interview. However, several students have an experience of part-time jobs and so, they have an employment history. So, you have to include your educational qualifications, extra-curricular activities, work experience, etc.

High School Resume: Create or compiling your high school resume might be a daunting task, but not a difficult task. Therefore, you have to write an impressive CV, whether or not you have any kind of work experience. In this you can include your educational qualifications, extra-curricular activities, interpersonal skills, your communicative techniques and certain informal work like baby sitting, pet keeping, etc. So, get ideas for creating your impressive resume. For assistance, do refer to high school sample student resumes.

High School and College Resume: If you are a high school or college student then you have to create and maintain an efficient CV. In your CV, you can include or highlight your educational background, college or university you have attended honors or degrees you have earned, etc. Try to presentable while compiling your resume and bullet the points wherever necessary. Even add your internship experience, as this is a fine example of experience.

Entry Level Resume: For entry level resume, you have to compose a challenging and efficient resume. Since you do not have any kind of long experience in any field, therefore you have to include your relevant internship experience. In addition, focus on your educational qualifications, your potential and positive abilities, capabilities, extra-curricular activities, etc. So, find new ideas to highlight your entry level resume.

Recent Graduate Resume: As recent graduates have freshly passed out, they have minimum job experience. So, you have to highlight your credentials and extra curricular activities, in order, to direct your employer's attention towards your resume.

Here, we provide you with wide varieties of sample student resumes. As there are various educational fields and these samples can help you of being a part of it.

Student Resume Samples

  1. Accounting Major Resume
  2. African American Studies Major Resume
  3. Anthropology Major Resume
  4. Art History Major Resume
  5. Biology Major Resume
  6. Business Administration Major Resume
  7. Business Management Major Resume
  8. Chemistry Major Resume
  9. College Student Applying For An Internship Resume
  10. College Resume
  11. Communications Major Resume
  12. Computer Programming Student Resume
  13. Computer Science Major Resume
  14. Computer Science Student Resume
  15. Criminal Justice Major Resume
  16. Culinary Arts Major Resume
  17. Earth Science Major Resume
  18. Economics Major Resume
  19. Education Major Resume
  20. Electrical Engineering Major Resume
  21. Engineering Student Resume
  22. Entry Level Student Resume
  23. Finance Major Resume
  24. Food Science Major Resume
  25. Geographic Major Resume
  26. Gerontology Major Resume
  27. History Major Resume
  28. International Relations Major Resume
  29. Journalism Major Resume
  30. Linguistics Major Resume
  31. Marketing Major Resume
  32. Mathematics Major Resume
  33. Mechanical Engineering Major Resume
  34. Music Major Resume
  35. Nursing Major Resume
  36. Nutritions Major Resume
  37. Occupational Therapy Major Resume
  38. Philosophy Major Resume
  39. Physical Therapy Major Resume
  40. Physics Major Resume
  41. Recent Grad School Grad (Communications) Resume
  42. Recent Grad School Grad (Criminal Justice) Resume
  43. Recent Grad School Grad (Finance) Resume
  44. Recent Grad School Grad (Journalism) Resume
  45. Recent Grad School Grad (Marketing) Resume
  46. Recent Grad School Grad (Sociology) Resume
  47. Recent High School Grad (Administration) Resume
  48. Recent High School Grad (Child Care) Resume
  49. Recent High School Grad (Public Relations) Resume
  50. Recent High School Grad (Service) Resume
  51. Recent MBA (A) Resume
  52. Sociology Major Resume
  53. Some College But No Degree (Accounting) Resume
  54. Some College But No Degree (Administration) Resume
  55. Some College But No Degree (Management) Resume
  56. Speech Major Resume
  57. Statistics Major Resume
  58. Studio Art Major Resume
  59. Summer Job Resume
  60. Theater Major Resume
  61. Theology Major Resume
  62. Western Civilization Major Resume
  63. Womens Studies Major Resume

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