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Resumes are a must for any job application. Resumes are the synopsis of a candidate's professional life, and are required for presenting one's candidature before the employers. Police resume, in the same context, is required for applying to job openings in the police department. Police resume can also be required while applying to openings which require candidates with prior experience in police services, such as security services or detective services.

Individuals who have prior work experience in police services, their services are required by companies which have security concerns to be addressed, such as security agencies, banks, detective agencies, government offices, public places, and many more. In this section, we have included a collection of sample police resumes for various job profiles. You can refer to them for basic understanding of the content to be shared and the resume design.

While writing resume for police job openings, there are certain things which need to be kept in mind, such as language, information flow, content sequence and basic resume design attributes. Below, we have basic tips, which can be incorporated in your police resume. However, at all times, remember and ensure that your CV exhibits the same professionalism as depicted by you.

Format: The format chosen should be professional and formal. Police personnel are considered to be highly disciplined and organized; and the same should be portrayed through the resume. Keep it simple throughout. You may use the page border, if required, as part of the layout. For actual implication, you may also refer to police resume samples given below.

Content sequence: The information should be communicated in a well organized and synchronized manner. Ideally your resume has your personal details mentioned in the foremost section, with the name highlighted. Depending upon the format, and if asked, you may include your personal photograph (2x2 inches in size) in the resume.

Thereafter, you need to mention your objective, experience, qualifications, and finally awards/achievements. Depending on whether you are experienced or a fresher, the position of experience and education qualifications can be interchanged. Likewise, for inexperienced candidates, they can mention their traineeships details in lieu of experience, if any. However, at all times, follow a chronological order with the latest accomplishment mentioned first. Any other detail which you feel are critical to the given job profile, can be mentioned in the later part of the resume, under a suitable heading. If you have any reference to be given, it can be mentioned at last. Do ensure that all information shared is authentic, and can be validated by adequate documentary proofs.

Language: Always use the language that is compatible with the desired candidate profile, and your proficiency levels. Care should be taken while writing the objective. It is one of the most difficult parts of resume writing, where you have to convey maximum, through minimum words.

Relevant: All information conveyed should be relevant to the given job description. You may have lots of other accomplishments, but share only those which justify and enhance your optimality for the job opening. Ensure that information mentioned is shared on priority and relevancy basis.

The above given information and collection of police resume examples below, will be helpful in writing job winning resumes.

Police Resume Samples

  1. Deputy Superintendent Of Police Resume
  2. Indo Tibetan Border Police Force Resume
  3. Senior Police Officer Resume
  4. Traffic Police Resume

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