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Many educational courses make an internship compulsory for procuring a degree. A student has to work with an organization as a part of his/her degree course. Medical, business management, engineering, etc. are some professional courses that make it a must for a student to work as an intern, in order to complete his/her degree course. An intern is usually a fresher. He/she does not have any work experience. In very rare cases, students have some work experience, and they easily get to work as an intern with the organization. In other cases, since a student is a fresher, he/she has to strive hard to convince someone to allow him/her to work as an intern in the organization. Resume internship section will help you draft an effective resume, which will help you in convincing the employer for your internship.

While applying for an internship you must put forth your skills and abilities in your resume. You have to convince the employer, why this internship is necessary for you, and how an internship in this particular organization will help you. In internship, some organizations assign tasks to students that help in accomplishing organizational tasks. However, there are some organizations who do not assign any specific tasks to the students, and they are merely considered as trainees. Some organizations do not take in interns because they feel that interns would not contribute to the productivity of the organization, and would in fact disturb others in their work by continuously coming up with doubts and queries. It thus becomes difficult for many to convince organizations to allow them work as interns in the organization.

The internship resume should be very simple. Since you do not have any work experience, you must stress on your academics and skills. The main details that the organization or employer would look for, will be your name, contact number, college or university, and the course you are pursuing.

After this, the employer will read your skills and areas of interest. Your area of interest should match the organization you choose. For example, if you are interested in 'retail marketing', and you are trying to pursue an internship in an automobile manufacturing company, it will not be helpful to you. You need to apply in a sector in which you wish to pursue your career.

This resume internship section thus helps you write internship request resumes specifically. Be it any field, a basic idea of an internship resume will help you draft an effective resume. Refer to the resumes given in the links below to learn how to write internship resumes.

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