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Special situations resume are required by the individuals in certain specified conditions like, when the individual wants to change the job or wishes to do a part-time job, or if it is his/her first job, or if s/he had gaps in the work history, or if s/he was fired from the last job. However, writing an impressive resume will help you mask the negative attributes, and get your application short-listed for an interview. Understanding the difficulties faced on such occasions, we have provided in this section a collection of different special situations resume samples, which candidates can refer to, for filing their application.

An impressive, perfect, strong and professional resume is very essential while applying for a job that suits your educational credentials. The special situations resume examples are categorized in to different sections that deal with certain unavoidable circumstances of your life, and can be helpful in readdressing them. They are as follows:

  • If you want to Change the Job: If you wish to change your career then you have create an impressive resume. Basically, dealing with job change is identical to the situation of writing a resume when you are a fresher. The only difference is that you have experience, but your experience seems to be irrelevant for the new job or career. Therefore, you must compile an efficient resume if you are pursuing certain career in the present field of work. Basically, you have to lay focus on your credentials, as this might help you in gaining a prospective opportunity.
  • If this is your First Job: Generally, your resume consists or highlights your educational background, work experience as well as on your professional skills. Usually, you should have done certain kind of volunteer work, leadership in some institution, some kind of internship, took part in some activities or done any kind of part-time job as well as done some challenging project during your schooling period. Each of these carry a particular consideration for your resume, if this is your first job. Your leadership activities will help you to learn how to deal with the jobs as well as other activities.
  • If you had Gaps in your Work History: In order, to complete your education, raise your kids, as well as to look after your family, you might have taken certain gaps in your work history. Therefore, you must have an efficient resume that will effectively highlight your abilities, capabilities and work techniques instead of your professional background. Basically, during your gaps, you must select certain professions that can be easily practiced and so that it ensures that you are employed. However, you cannot conceal the fact that you have taken a gap from your workplace.
  • If you were fired: If you have been fired from your previous organization, you still have to state it. The fact should be disclosed in your resume otherwise, skipping it will show a gap in your work history. Then anyhow, you have to explain them about it. So include everything in it, as you have gained lots of experience from your previous employment that could be helpful for your future prospects. In addition, explain them as to why were you fired from the previous job when you attend an interview. You have to include each and every detail in your resume.

Here, we have provided certain sample special situations resumes, for candidates' reference and assistance. Hope that these samples will help you to communicate your credentials effectively to your future employer through a striking resume for special situations.

Special Situations Resume Samples

  1. 50 Plus Job Candidates (Management) Resume
  2. All Employment At One Company (Administrator) Resume
  3. All Employment At One Company (Financial Analyst) Resume
  4. All Employment At One Company (Vice President) Resume
  5. At Home Dad Reentering The Work Force (Sales) Resume
  6. At Home Mom Reentering The Work Force (Interior Design) Resume
  7. At Home Mom Reentering The Work Force (Nursing) Resume
  8. Career Changer (Advertising) Resume
  9. Career Changer (Computer Programming) Resume
  10. Career Changer (Daycare) Resume
  11. Career Changer (Education) Resume
  12. Career Changer (Fashion Design) Resume
  13. Career Changer (International Business) Resume
  14. Career Changer (Public Relations) Resume
  15. Career Changer (Publishing) Resume
  16. Career Changer (Travel) Resume
  17. Curriculum Vitae (College Administrator) Resume
  18. Curriculum Vitae (Doctor) Resume
  19. Displaced Homemaker (Administration) Resume
  20. Displaced Homemaker (Care taking) Resume
  21. Displaced Homemaker (Food Service) Resume
  22. Displaced Homemaker (Management) Resume
  23. Former Small Business Owner (Desktop Publishing) Resume
  24. Former Small Business Owner (Environmental Service) Resume
  25. Freelancer (Publishing) Resume
  26. Frequent Job Changer (Copywriter) Resume
  27. Gaps In Employment History (Editor) Resume
  28. Immigrant (Senior Accountant) Resume
  29. Laid Off (Recruiter) Resume
  30. Military Background (Intelligence Specialist) Resume
  31. Military Background (Supervisor) Resume
  32. No Clear Career Path (Accounting) Resume
  33. No Clear Career Path (Human Resources) Resume
  34. Overseas Employment History (Field Administrator) Resume
  35. Part Time Employment History (Retail Manager) Resume
  36. Physically Challenged (Broadcasting) Resume
  37. Physically Challenged (Engineering) Resume
  38. Physically Challenged (Medical Research) Resume
  39. Retiree Reentering The Work Force (Principal) Resume
  40. Short Employment History (Legal Assistant) Resume
  41. Short Employment History (Operations Clerk) Resume
  42. Temporary Employment History (Administration) Resume
  43. Weak Educational Background (Assistant Manager) Resume

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