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Many people wish to work in a bank. Bank jobs have many positive points. A bank job has fixed work hours, is closed on all government holidays, and is very respectful. All this makes bank jobs very desirable. Some banks have their exams once in a year or three years, and thus recruit the applicants based on the examination result. Some others opt for campus recruitments, wherein they recruit fresh candidates from colleges. Some posts require experienced and skilled people, and so the banks opt for placements via consultancies or invite applications for various posts. In this case, many aspiring candidates send in their applications. The application comprises of a resume and a cover letter. A resume for a job vacancy has to be tailor made. A generalized resume does not achieve the purpose of the resume.

The purpose of any resume is the same. When one sends in a resume and application, he/she wishes to get in to that particular organization for a particular post. This makes it necessary to have a resume that is apt for that particular post. Banking sector also has many different job positions and requirements. For example, there will be the enquiry, customer assistance, sales, admin, cashier, etc. Each of this position requires different sets of skills. While applying for any such job opening in the banking sector, it is essential for you to know the skills and requirements for that job. These skills have to be mentioned in the resumes sent for these posts.

The employer has his/her job description ready. The job description comprises of these skills and requirements. It is basically a set of keywords that the employers wish to see in a candidate's resume. The candidate whose resume has most of these keywords in his/her resume will be preferred. This does not mean that if you do not possess all those skills, still you make a mention of it in your resume. Even if you possess some of those skills, you can apply. Your skills might not completely match with what the employer has put forth. In that case, you need to align your skills as per the employer's requirement. All this is done skillfully by a well-written resume aimed at success.

In case of banking, skills needed would be, good at mathematics and calculations, good knowledge of various policies and regulations of the banking sector, a good knowledge of the trends in the economy, etc. You can thus skillfully present it. For example, you can say that you have the habit of reading journals, articles and press releases related to the country's currency management.

To further help you with it, find a list of samples of banking resumes in the links below, that will give you a much clear idea of how a banking resume should be. These samples will help you understand the contents of the banking resume.

Banking Resume Samples

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