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Career options are getting wider and interesting. There are many creative career options these days. Also, many careers have a considerable glamour quotient attached with it, for example, the hospitality industry, the entertainment industry, etc. One such industry is the hotel, hospitality or food service industry. There are many restaurants and restaurant chains. Some are small while others are three star, five star or seven star. Many find it interesting working in this industry, because some job profiles offer creativity freedom, while others love to work in the ambience wherein, style and comfort is part of the work environment. If you too wish to be a part of this industry, the 'Food service resume' section will be helpful to you.

This section provides you resumes on different job profiles in the food service industry. Be it the front-end staff or back end staff, this section will provide you sample resumes for all your requirements. The Food Service industry or the hospitality industry, as we know has enormous opportunities. Besides, the work environment and culture in these organizations is also very attractive to many. Many prefer working in such attractive ambience, where everything from the ambience to the employee's uniform is very stylish and classy. It thus encourages many to be a part of this industry.

There are different job profiles in this industry. Some work at the back end and some in contact with the clients. A hotel runs with the help of various departments and employees, with different skills and responsibilities. Some handle the operations, while some work in making these services available to the client effectively. Thus, the two work in coordination, and help a hotel function effectively.

Some profiles in this industry need utmost creative skills in the employees; for example, a chef, an event planner, interior decorator, etc. For these profiles, creativity is the most important. A chef may not come in direct contact with the customer, so his/her communication skill may not be very impressive. However, chef should be very creative and innovative when it comes to various delicacies and cuisines, and presenting the same to the customer.

In contrast to this, a business development executive or manager for this industry is not required to be good at cooking. Only sufficient knowledge about various cuisines at the restaurant and various schemes is important to them, so that they can pitch the client for the same. Their core skill thus must be communication and convincing skills.

The cleaning staff on the other hand does not need to be highly educated or skilled. Anyone with minimum education can also work as a cleaner in the restaurant.

Thus, the Food Service industry has different opportunities for people with different qualifications, abilities and skills. If you are planning to be a part of this industry, the sample resumes given in the links below, will help you present yourself effectively to the prospective employer.

Food Service Resume Samples

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