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While writing a resume, the basics remain the same. You need to follow a standard format, font style, font size, and equal page margins and avoid fancy page borders. However, the job profile you are looking for determines the purpose of your resume. You cannot have the same kind of resume for a salesperson and an artist. This means that the purpose of a resume is different based on the type of job and job profile you are looking for. The purpose of a resume makes it necessary to write a customized resume for different jobs and different profiles.

While applying for any arts related job, your resume should reflect your interests. It should speak about your art skills. When we say 'arts', there are many fields such as music, dance, drama, performing arts, fine arts, etc. One thing that is distinguished in this field is the creativity along with uniqueness. Every person will have a totally different set of skills and experiences to add to his resume. This is because art is something that one creates using his own skills and imagination. That is why, no two pieces of an art are always the same.

The most important part in an arts resume is thus the work experience section as we all know. This section will give a strong standing to your resume and differentiate you from other candidates. Thus, you need to stress on this part and prove your ability there.

Besides this, the other parts of your resume are quite similar. You need to mention your contact details and name at the header of the resume. The contact details should comprise of your phone number and email address. The postal address can also be written here. Note that these details are very important as they are used by the recruiters to contact you after you are shortlisted. Hence, ensure that you make no mistake while mentioning them in the document.

After the header, your resume will have the career objective, qualifications, experience, and achievements sections. Also in the arts field, you have various degrees and courses. All these come under the qualifications section. Any projects or internships with renowned artists can also be included here. The achievements can be in terms of awards and honors. Mention about the awards that your paintings, designs, acting, etc., have won in the achievements section.

A special section in an arts resume is the 'bibliography'. In this section, you need to mention all the appreciations of your work - articles written in your appreciation, interviews, reviews, etc. Another important part that needs to be considered while constructing an arts resume is the 'collections' section. However, you cannot display this part in your resume, but surely mention that you can show the collections when asked for.

Refer to some of these brilliantly written arts resume samples and write an effective resume for yourself.

Arts Resume Samples

  1. Actor Or Actress Resume
  2. Art Administrator Resume
  3. Art Asset Manager Resume
  4. Art Assistant Resume
  5. Art Designer Resume
  6. Art Director Resume
  7. Art Educator Resume
  8. Art Gallery Assistant Resume
  9. Art Internship Resume
  10. Art Outsourcing Manager Resume
  11. Art Teacher Resume
  12. Art Therapist Resume
  13. Arts Management Resume
  14. Assistant Professor of Medieval Arts Resume
  15. Choreographer Resume
  16. Comedian Resume
  17. Commercial Artist Resume
  18. Culinary Arts Resume
  19. Dancer Resume
  20. Desktop Publisher Resume
  21. Disc Jockey Resume
  22. Fashion Art Director Resume
  23. Fashion Designer Resume
  24. Film Production Assistant Resume
  25. Fine Arts Teacher Resume
  26. Graphic Artist (A) Resume
  27. Interior Designer Resume
  28. Martial Arts Instructor Resume
  29. Media Arts Resume
  30. Mobile Art Director Resume
  31. Model Resume
  32. Music and Arts Coordinator Resume
  33. Musician Resume
  34. News Producer Resume
  35. Photographer Resume
  36. Production (Tour) Manager Resume
  37. Production Coordinator Resume
  38. Senior Graphic Designer Resume
  39. Senior Interactive Designer Resume
  40. Singer Resume
  41. Talent Agent Resume
  42. Technical Editor Resume
  43. Theatrical Director Resume
  44. Video Editor Resume
  45. Visual Arts Resume

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