Resume Objective

An objective statement is that which hints at the job perspective of the applicant, and his or her expression of the employment goals. The objective should not exceed more than one or two lines. Some of the resumes explain the objective separately; whereas, the others mention it as a part of the document. An effective statement for objective gives the employer an idea of what things the applicant is aware of with regards to the job opening that he or she has applied for. It is optional to state the objective for a resume, it should be stated if one is very clear about the goals of that job position. The resume objective will differ as per the experience of the applicant. It should highlight the experience of the person, and key skills. However, the objective should not exceed the said limit, and should not read as a meager showoff. In simple words, the statement should not read as boastful. The objective statement should not signify what the applicant is; on the other hand, it should mention how one's skills and qualities can help the employer in the new job position.

One can refer to a few sample resume objectives for necessary information required for drafting his/her objective. However, before that one must understand that there are some basics, which can be followed while writing the objective statement.

These are steps that will help to power the objective statement, and hit the target:

  • The applicant should not beat about the bush, and should remain specific to the job requirement.
  • If the requirement is for a single title, the applicant should remain focused on the same. There can be more than one titles or keywords. However, if they are similar to each other they can be combined together, and form a common objective statement.
  • For some resumes, where the applicants have a lot of experience, a profile statement is recommended more than the resume objective.
  • The company is looking for candidates, but that does not mean that the applicant should go on mentioning about oneself. The statement should mention the skills and qualities of the applicant, which will help the company's needs.
  • The selection of language in a resume should be chosen with care. The words used while writing a good resume objective statement should be precise and accurate. Too long sentences should not be chosen by the applicant.
  • If the candidate is experienced enough, they can mention the work history in brief. Some impressive lines about being committed to the previous employer can be included.
  • If the candidate is a fresher, the eagerness to learn can be shown in the objective statement, and how soon these will be put to practice by the applicant. Assure the employer of the results from such learning.

Given below are some examples of the professional and striking objective statements:

Once the applicant has clearly mentioned the objectives, the employer is bound to get a clear idea of what exactly the applicant is aiming at, and which job position suits them the most.

Objective Statements:

Example #1:
To obtain the position of a Marketing Executive and utilize my communication and marketing skills to the fullest.

Example #2:
To seek this job position so as to apply the knowledge and experiences gained for the benefits of the present job position.

Example #3:
Looking ahead to this job opportunity so that I can prove myself as an able candidate and gain on the job knowledge at the same time.

Example #4:
To work and grow in a professional atmosphere wherein most of my skills will get utilized to the fullest, and help me adapt to the dynamic environment here.

Objective statements carry a lot of importance for all freshers, who have either done voluntary work or have worked on internship programs. It helps the employers to get a clear idea about their suitability for the jobs. There are certain employers who seek only fresh applicants for their jobs; and here, if the applicants can make the most of themselves, they can make their resume objective more captivating, with the use of right words and sentences. A simple and lucid form of language makes the objective statement catchy. It need not have to be too classy and showy.

The goal of objective is to increase the chance of getting a positive response from the company, by casting a professional and positive first impression. Candidates must note that an effective objective is the key to encourage employers to read the resume further.