Finance Resume Cover Letter

Every organization has a separate finance department. In case of a very small organization, everything will be combined, but usually in medium and large-scale organizations, there is a separate department that looks into the company's accounting and finance. There are different finance personnel working in the organization. Accounts Executive, Financial Consultants, Financial Advisor, etc. In banks, there are many different finance job profiles like Cashier, Bank Teller, Investment Banker, Relationship Officer, etc. All these people have their expertise in the field of finance, and they can get their dream jobs with the help of a finance resume cover letter. A finance resume is the resume of finance personnel. This resume will have all the qualifications and details as per the finance profile. However, to complete your job application, you need a cover letter that strengthens your resume.

A finance cover letter will have terminologies and skills required by finance personnel. These skills although will be mentioned in your resume, but your letter will summarize your resume. In your resume, you will have different sections giving information on education, skills and work experience; however, your letter will put forth everything together in just one page. The employer will get a complete idea, not only of your skills, but your qualification, experience and interest in working with his/her organization, in less than 5 minutes. The letter is written to summarize your resume that runs over 2-3 pages. The employer if reads your resume only, then he/she will skip to the section he/she is interested in, and might not get a complete idea of what and who you are. Thus, the cover letter accomplishes the task of introducing yourself completely to the employer.

This letter is written with the purpose of getting the resume through the screening round. The employer should get an answer to his/her three main questions.

  1. Why should I hire you?
  2. How will you contribute to the organizational goals?
  3. Why do wish to work with ABC organization?

These three questions if answered effectively in your letter will definitely get you an interview call. The best way of answering these questions is first thoroughly reading the job description or requirement given in the advertisements. After reading it thoroughly, identify the keywords in the advertisement.

What are keywords in a cover letter?

This letter is an answer to the job requirements put forth in the advertisement. There are some specific words in the advertisement related to the job requirement, for example qualification, skill, etc. When you write your cover letter for applying to the said job, you must make sure that you mention some of these words in your letter. If you are applying for the job, you will definitely possess these skills. You only need to put it forth using the words in the advertisement, as the employer would see these words and conclude that you possess all that he/she is looking for in the contender for the particular job. This might help you get an interview call directly without him/her reading your resume further.

The cover letter is written to complement your resume. It is written with the aim of making you look best for the particular job profile. Thus, you need to put forth the best of your career. You should include details f your work experience and achievements. However, you should start mentioning all your job responsibilities here because it will lengthen your cover letter. You can write about your job responsibilities in 1-2 sentences, for example, 'I handle the accounts of the organization and am solely responsible for the financial audit of the organization since past three years'. Here you speak about your responsibility and experience and yet do not include complete details like your resume.

The format of cover letter remains same for every profile. The skills and experiences you mention vary with the job profile and the designation. This letter is written as per the formal letter format. The fonts used for formal letter are 'Times New Roman' or 'Arial' and the font size is 12. You can highlight main skills or points using bold font and underline. Never use Italics or colored font to highlight any information.

Writing a cover letter is not a difficult task. You just need to understand that you have to present your abilities to the employer in brief and make it effective. For your reference, we have written some sample cover letters in the links below. These cover letters can be used by you making the required alterations as per the job you are applying for.