Education and Clergy Resume Cover Letter

Education is a vast field. Previously it was an institution where the teachers interacted with students and a school, and everything was very simple. However, with the introduction of new streams in education, and education becoming more interactive, many new job opportunities have come up in this field. Academic Counselors, Career Counselors, Teachers, Principal, Arts and Craft Faculty, etc. are some of these professionals. If you too wish to apply for a job in the field of education, you would need an education and clergy cover letter that will strengthen your job application and increase your chances of being selected for the interviews.

A student now not just studies some specific subjects like History, Geography, etc. but there is an equal importance to art, drama, music, sports, etc. This has led to many job opportunities. If you possess any such talent, and feel that the students would learn something new that will add to their career, or relieve them of the stress at school, you can apply writing a cover letter that puts forth your skills and explains how you can help the students, become better human beings.

A teacher, principal, etc. are people whom the students look up to and admire. They are an idol for the students. These professionals possess certain skills that not only include their expertise in the subjects they teach, but also qualities like expertise in mentoring, guidance, understanding, etc. These qualities are essential for these professionals to mentor the students and guide them towards a bright career. The cover letter that you write should put forth these traits of your personality to help you get a job. Your resume will give the details of your qualification and experience, but this letter will help you explain how you suit the specific job profile.

There are some other job profiles that help make education system better. Professionals like Teacher Assistant, Librarian, Youth Counselor, Counselor, etc. help students learn in a stress free environment. They make learning simpler and interesting. A counselor is a must these days in any educational organization. Seeing the number of students committing suicide, opening fire at school, etc. due to stress and a fear of failure, the Counselors come into picture. These Counselors talk to students, understand their problems, wishes, queries, etc. and talk to them to sort out things, so that they do not take extreme steps. He/she also serves as a link between the student and the teachers/management.

There are many other administrative assistance profiles, vocational training profiles, etc. that have gained much importance with the changing times. Education now aims at complete development, and not just subject knowledge. If you have the zeal to enter this field, and make a difference to the careers of the students, present it using your cover letter, and communicate your interest and motive effectively.

Writing a cover letter for educational field is not a difficult job. It is similar to writing a formal letter. To help you understand better, we have written a couple of tips and instructions for writing a good cover letter for your resume.

Tips for writing a cover letter:

The Format:

The cover letter is written in a formal letter format. It should never be handwritten or typed. It should always be typed using a typewriter or MS Word application. The other details for this letter are as follows:

  • Font - Times New Roman or Arial
  • Font Size - 12
  • No Italics
  • Use bullets or bold font to highlight key skills and headings
  • Font color - black
  • No fancy page borders

Content of the cover letter:

The cover letter is written with a specific aim and purpose. The content of this letter should thus fulfill this purpose. The main purpose of the letter is to communicate with the employer, and tell him/her that you possess the required skills for the job. The letter should thus clearly speak about your skills and expertise.

The opening paragraph should introduce you, and the post you wish to apply. The next paragraph should speak about your skills and expertise that justify your application. The third paragraph should show your interest in that specific organization and the last paragraph should conclude your letter requesting the employer to call you for an interview.

Refer to sample cover letters in the links below for a better idea.

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