Services Resume Cover Letter

Service Industry is a very important industry, not only from the point of view of customers, but also from the point of view of the nation's national income. Every nation earns a huge part of its national income from the service industry. Many countries solely depend on the service industry like travel and tourism, hospitality, etc. for providing employment to its people. Many people wish to be a part of such different service industries and thus opt for courses in the same. When they apply for a job, they need to draft a resume that suits the service industry requirements, and to make it more effective, they need a service resume cover letter.

A service resume cover letter will put forth your skills and abilities related to that particular service industry, and make your job application more effective. The employer will get this information in your resume, but the letter that you write along with your resume, gives the employer an idea about your skills and abilities in a jiffy, and thus increases the chances of your job application being approved. This letter is thus necessary to distinguish yourself from many other job applicants and present your candidature in the best possible way.

Need and Purpose of a cover letter:

As mentioned above, this letter is written to distinguish your resume from others. Why do you need to distinguish yourself from many other applicants? For every job vacancy there would be many applicants. Since the advertisement puts up the criteria for selection, the applicants that suit these criteria send in their resumes and job applications. These applicants are more or less similar in terms of the job requirements. Thus, you need to distinguish yourself from other applicants in a way that the employer prefers to interview you, than the other candidate. This need of distinguishing yourself and presenting yourself as the best candidate makes you write a cover letter along with your resume.


You have understood the reason of writing a cover letter. However, you should also know what this letter does for you, i.e., the purpose of this letter. The letter is written to distinguish you from others, but this need of distinguishing is aimed at getting you selected for an interview round. The employer never meets an individual directly, but he/she first goes through your resume. When you write a cover letter along with your resume, you get a chance to communicate with the employer. This will help you build a rapport with him/her by making a powerful first impression that motivates the reader to meet you in person and know you better. This motivation of the employer and developing his/her interest in meeting you for an interview is the ultimate purpose of a cover letter.

How to write a perfect cover letter?

A perfect cover letter is not something that is very difficult or impossible to write. Any cover letter is perfect, when it successfully and effectively puts forth the best of you in front of the employer. It does have to adhere to the format of the letter, but it need not be specific as mentioned by some experts or some sample letter. It just has to be written in a formal letter format and in a way that makes it easier for the employer to take a decision regarding you, and more often a positive decision. However, to help you understand the basics of a good cover letter, we have listed down a few points that would help you understand, the format and content of service resume cover letter.

  • The letter begins with a header. This header is written on the left hand side of the page leaving a margin of 1 -1.5 inches. You can copy the header of your resume and paste it here.
  • Leave a tab space and write the name and address of the person you are addressing this letter to. Make sure you address the letter to the specific person who would screen resumes or recruit for the said position.
  • Begin your letter with a salutation, followed by your introduction, and mentioning the position you are applying
  • The next paragraph will justify your candidature by mentioning the skills required for this position, experience and any other relevant information related to that particular service
  • The next part will put forth the reason of your interest in working with this specific organization
  • Concluding paragraph will thank the reader and also request him/her to call you for an interview
Refer to sample service resume cover letters and write an effective letter along with your resume.