Accounting Cover Letter

An accounting resume cover letter ideally reflects a candidate's expertise in communicating all sorts of financial information, in form of financial and accounting statements pertaining to a given business or establishment. Although, it is said that starting your cover letter is a difficult task, it is in fact very easy to continue along the line of perfection and maintain a flow of thoughts, if you come up with a suitable beginning to it.

Characteristics of an ideal accounting cover letter

An effectively constructed accounting cover letter should evidently put forth a candidate's ability to record, classify, and summate several financial events within an organization for future analysis and reference. The letter signifies a candidate's proficiency in accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, and auditing sectors. An accounting cover letter should be designed carefully, to demonstrate your understanding and efficiency in arithmetical, statistical, and mathematical calculations and interpretations, while introducing the recruiter to your professional background.

Significance of a cover letter in your application

Your application is comprised of a resume and a complementing cover letter. It is a fact that a cover letter is the first point of contact with your employer, as it is usually read first by recruiters and only if they are satisfied by its quality, do they decide on reviewing your resume. The reader is usually a busy recruiter. It is therefore your responsibility to construct your cover letter in such a manner that it effectively puts forth your knowledge and capabilities as an accounting professional and gains the confidence of the reader, thereby increasing the chances of getting the opportunity of an interview.

The introduction

The cover letter of an accounting professional should provide a healthy introduction expressing his career interests and goals shortly, while providing a brief description of his professional history. It is mandatory that you also mention how you got to know about the job vacancy. In fact, it is ideal if you start your introduction by mentioning the source of job advertisement. Accounting is a sector, which is to be incorporated in every kind of business. So, it is essential that you stress on why you are interested in applying for that particular organization. It is hence recommended that you research about the company, before you start writing your introduction.

Skills and knowledge

Following your introduction, you need to organize all your thoughts pertaining to the knowledge you have acquired so far to facilitate a systematic representation of your skills and abilities. Zoom in on your accounting skills and your familiarity with accounting principles and terminology, including your efficiency in using various accounting software and tools. Also, highlight your proficiency in communication, accounting data interpretation, budgeting, statistical data analysis, documentation and financial records management, leadership, training and mentoring (if applicable), and other transferable skills.

Professional qualification

Relate your qualities to your professional background, directing the source of your knowledge to your education and previous employment. Do not get into the details of your previous job descriptions, for then the contents of your cover letter are likely to become identical to your resume. All you need to do is provide a brief outline of your professional qualification.


Concluding a cover letter in an effective manner is as important as including a great introduction, so that a reader is satisfied with the quality of your cover letter. Before you conclude, you need to mention how you will contribute to the growth of the employer, if you are given an opportunity to serve that company. This is a mandatory practice, for it answers the employer's question as to how he will be benefited by hiring you. This is your opportunity to be creative and put forth your ideas effectively, so as to convince the reader into considering you as a desirable candidate. Show your enthusiasm and willingness to become a part of their team.

It is equally important that you mention the enclosure of your resume somewhere in the conclusion and provide details of a suitable time to contact you, just in case the reader wishes to discuss the application with you. Once you have successfully incorporated above parameters, you need to express your gratitude for that reader and end your letter on a positive note.

Refer to the following free cover letter examples of various accounting job profiles that we have provided for your reference.