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An auditor's cover letter should effectively portray the candidate's ability to review the business records for checking its accuracy as well to verify the efficiency of the company's quality management system. It should represent productively, but not grandstand, the candidate's skills in accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, statistical data analysis and management, cost accounting and auditing, quantitative and qualitative analysis, financial assessments etc.

It needs to be designed in such a manner that it also reflects the jobseeker's proficiency in reviewing various data in accordance to the organization's liabilities, assets, capital stocks, income, and expenditures, to check for any discrepancies and suggest any necessary, desirable changes in its financial system to improve its financial condition.

As an auditor, you need to give equal importance, in your cover letter, to your understanding in financial and organizational laws, while focusing on your ability to inspect the company's annual financial records, to detect any duplicated efforts, noncompliance with policies and regulations, deficiency in the financial controls, or any frauds, so as to report to the management and take necessary actions in accordance with the organizational policies.While including your skills in the auditor cover letter, make sure you relate them to your previous employment, but avoid getting into the details of your job description, for they are included in your resume. Besides focusing on your skills and abilities, you need to mention how you will contribute to the employer as an employee. You need to mention how the employer will be benefited by hiring you. Here, you need to be very careful, so as to avoid any exaggeration.

As far as your academic and professional qualification is concerned, you need not explain them in detail; simply provide a brief introduction to your professional background. Be concise throughout the letter, so as to restrict it to one page only. This will be of great help to your recruiter, who is likely to be busy with several job applications.

Given below are free samples of auditor cover letters, which will guide you throughout the process of writing your own for your job application. Refer some samples of Audit Manager resume which will aid you in preparing a perfect resume and cover letter that expresses your abilities, skills and interests in an orderly manner.

1. Cover Letter Sample (for experienced candidates)

Mr. Mark R. Bogue
210 Seth Street
Sonora, TX 76960
Phone no: (979) 450-5110

Mr. Xavier Guerrero
Human Resources
Diphrill Corps
12 Gladwell Street
Longview, TX 75611

Sub: Job application for the position of Sr. Auditor

Dear Mr. Guerrero,

I happened to check your company's website recently and found out that your recruitment process is on. It is my honor to extend my application for the position of Sr. Auditor within your organization. Working in the auditing department for the past 3 years has motivated me to reach out for the greatest heights and seek challenging opportunities in the line of commerce.

I am a Bachelor of Commerce, graduated from the Round Rock Business School, in 2003 and moved on to pursue an MS in Financial Management, after 3 years of work experience, from the University of Texas, which I completed in June 2007 and was placed in grade A, after securing 73.26% in my final examination. I have been working in the accounting sector since October 2003, growing to become an auditor in Tulip Consulting Agency by the year 2008. You will find detailed information of my previous employment in the resume attached herewith.

To briefly explain my expertise, I have found myself becoming more proficient in determining the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial and accounting system of an establishment, while providing accurate measurement and opinions about the quality of a business' performance. I have constantly developed my skills in judging the quality of performance of the finance department, by deep analysis and verification of annual accounting reports, so as to find any discrepancies in the financial management of an organization, while suggesting desirable changes, aimed at facilitating the efficient functioning of the finance department.

My key competencies include excellent written and verbal communication skills, data integrity and analytical skills, a close eye for minute details, high rate of accuracy in the judgments made, and deep knowledge of budgeting and bookkeeping, which I would gladly use to the optimum, so as to deliver the best results and shape your organization's finance department in a desirable manner, thereby increasing the efficiency of your accounting and finance team.

Kindly consider my application favorably and allow me to offer my service, in order to facilitate your organization's progress, while using the company's vision to guide me towards excellence within the field. You may contact me between 10a.m. and 8p.m. during weekdays, if you wish to discuss my application in detail.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Bogue

Enclosure: Resume

2. Cover Letter Sample

Ms. Clara H. Vargas
3470 Rebecca Street
Bensenville, IL 60106
Phone no: (815) 940-5728

Mr. Toby D. Kerns
Human Resources
Aon Corporation
432 Cecil Street
Chicago, IL 60606

Sub: Job application for the position of Auditor

Dear Mr. Kerns,

I recently viewed your company's profile on, and came to know of your job vacancies. I am pleased to present my application for the position of an Auditor within your organization. My experience in the accounting sector has helped me in acquiring adequate knowledge, which gave me the confidence to try my skills and expertise in auditing.

I have completed my graduation from the Peoria College of Arts and Commerce, in September 2006 and also possess CFA level-2 certification. I have worked in the accounts department from Oct 2006 till October 2013, moving my way upward from an Accounting Executive to a Cost Audit Assistant. Details of my previous employment are provided in my resume attached along with the application.

My education and employment have incorporated essential knowledge of accounting and audit, guiding me in the systematic and accurate verification of the records bearing all costs, to check whether it is in accordance with the cost accounting objectives. I have also developed my understanding in analyzing financial statements and annual reports, using various accounting procedures, to facilitate efficient financial planning. I have also gained essential knowledge in payroll audit and examining and verifying tax records and returns.

Besides, I also possess fair amount of knowledge in security auditing and information systems auditing, which I learnt by myself, taking the help of few books and internet. I am highly skilled in research and analysis, interpersonal communication, budgeting, cost analysis, taxation, payroll management, data interpretation and analysis etc.

I am eagerly willing to become a part of your team and offer my contribution, to ensure the efficient functioning of your finance department, by reviewing and verifying the annual financial reports for errors and loopholes, while suggesting suitable changes to improve the quality of the accounting team's performance.

Kindly provide me with an opportunity to of an interview, which would help me to express my interests and abilities more effectively and clearly, facilitating your decision in hiring me. Please find attached my resume, where you will find detailed information of my academic and professional history.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Clara Vargas

Enclosure: Resume

Refer to the above examples to get a clear idea of the layout of an auditor cover letter, which would certainly aid you in the preparation of your own cover letter, for your job application. Check out a sample of accounting internship resume.

Applicants who are looking for information on how to make their auditor resume even more unique and professional, we recommend them to go through all resume samples for auditor.

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