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A bookkeeper's cover letter reflects the candidate's ability to effectively maintain various records, consisting of several financial transactions in an establishment. The letter should present effectively, the jobseeker's proficiency in basic accounting principles, bookkeeping skills, ledger and journal maintenance, report and documentation skills, and basic computer skills. In addition, one should also mention his level of proficiency in interpretation and analysis of statistical data.

Bookkeeping is a responsible job, where accuracy and sincerity play a crucial role in the maintenance of the company's financial records. Therefore, it is important to construct your cover letter in such a way that it expresses your faithfulness and integrity effectively, to make the reader realize that you are a trustworthy candidate.

You, as a candidate seeking a job in bookkeeping, should relate your bookkeeping and accounting skills and abilities to your professional or academic history, so as to show the link between your career path and your academic/professional interests. If you are a recently graduated candidate with no relevant work experience, you may also include the information of any awards that you have earned in school or college, unless they are irrelevant or mundane. Include information of any references (if you have been referred for the job by someone from the organization).

Once you have put forth your skills efficiently, it's time for you to express your willingness to serve the company, by letting the recruiter know as to how you will contribute to the organization's growth. This has to be done in a concise manner, taking care not to exceed the length of two sentences.

To conclude the bookkeeper cover letter, let the reader know when to contact you, in order to schedule an interview, while expressing your gratitude for his time and consideration. Do mention in your cover letter that you have enclosed your resume of bookkeeper, along with copies of any other essential documents.

Cover Letter Sample

John Harris
11 Street,
San Diego, CA, 90046
Phone - 548-564-2242

Tina Matthews
Human Resources
Lyzol Corp
San Diego, CA, 90046

Ref: Referred by Mr. Henry Collins, Sr. Manager - Accounts, Lyzol Corp - Branch location

Dear Ms. Matthews,

I came to know of the job vacancy within your organization through my referrer, who advised me to put forth my job application for the position of Sr. Bookkeeping Executive, in the San Diego branch.

After graduating from the Franklin College in the field of Commerce, in March 2010, I joined the Lars Enviro Corp Ltd, and have been working as a Bookkeeping Executive since July 2010. My stay in the current organization has been of great help in acquiring the essential skills, pertaining to the journal and ledger maintenance, while developing my proficiency in the analysis, segregation and maintenance of financial and statistical data.

I have been involved in several bookkeeping activities such as accounting data summary, account reconciliation, profit and loss report and annual budget maintenance, bills and invoices documentation, balance sheet maintenance etc. As a bookkeeper, I have also been engaged in the taxation process, debt collection, and monitoring fixed assets.

I am quite confident that my bookkeeping skills, coupled with the essential accounting techniques, will help me in the efficient maintenance of account balances and financial and statistical data, while offering my assistance in the budgeting process and providing support in the significant administrative functions of your organizations, thereby contributing to the efficient functioning of the accounts department, by means of accurate and systematic bookkeeping.

Kindly allow me the opportunity to become a part of your team and offer my aid in the achievement of your organizational goals. I request you to consider my application favorably and provide me with the opportunity of an interview, so as to place my interests and abilities more clearly before you, which would eventually facilitate your decision in hiring me.

Thank you.


Your full name


  • Resume
  • Photocopies of academic certifications

Study closely the layout of the cover letter, so as to organize your thoughts effectively and present them in a personalized and convincing manner, which would definitely earn you the opportunity of an interview.

Candidates must always remember that it is better to draft a cover letter after they have drafted their resume, as it would help them better relate and promote their skill-sets. Click here to get information on reume samples for bookkeeper resume.

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