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A treasurer resume cover letter illuminates the recruiter about the candidate's skills and abilities, essential for monitoring and maintaining the treasury of a given organization. The major responsibility of a treasurer is to supervise the establishment's expenditures, so as to avoid over spending and keep a track of any under spending of money. Hence, cover letter of a treasurer should clearly present his knowledge in several aspects of treasury management such as debt issuance and setting interest rates, cash and funds management, financial risk management, investment management, foreign exchange record maintenance, credit management etc.

A cover letter should also highlight his proficiency in monitoring the pension investments, investment risk assessment, capital structure maintenance, share issuances, financial data and audit report review and maintenance, financial planning, securitization of funds etc. It is therefore advised that you organize your thoughts before you start writing the cover letter, by jotting them down on a rough notepad, then arranging them in a systematic manner to facilitate a smooth flow of information.

Cover Letter Sample

Vincent J. Irizarry
4542 Timber Ridge Road
Courtland, CA 95615
(562) 644-8103

Kara Chancey
Human Resource Manager
Magna Financial Services
42 Boring Lane
San Francisco, CA 94110

Ref: Referred by Ms. Lucile Spina, Branch Manager, Magna Financial Services, Sacramento Branch

Dear Ms. Chancey,

I came to know about your job vacancy through my former colleague Ms. Lucile Spina, who works as a branch manager in the Sacramento Branch of Magna Financial Services. I hereby extend my application for the position of a Treasurer within your institution.

I hold a masters degree in Financial Planning, graduated from the Phoenix University, in the year 2000, after which I have been working in the finance sector in banks and financial institutions. I possess 11 years of experience in the financial sector, my most recent employer being XYZ Bank, Sacramento, where I had been working as a Branch Manager from May 2008 till Oct 2013.

My employment and education have helped me acquire deep knowledge in various aspects of financial management, including the management of treasury of a given organization. I possess a deep understanding in funds and cash management, liquidity risk management, financial audits, capital structure maintenance, expenditure control, budget management and revenue forecasting, and other essential sectors of finance. I am also familiar with investments, share issuance, and the protection of financial instruments.

Besides I have trained my eyes to pay close attention to minute details, so as to detect flaws and frauds, thereby maintaining an accurate record of all the finances and funds associated with an organization. I also possess excellent communication skills, analytical skills, numerical data analysis, presentation skills, budgeting skills etc, which when coupled with my knowledge will help me deliver the best service.

Kindly consider my application favorably and provide me with an opportunity to utilize my skills and abilities, in order to safeguard the funds of your business, while ensuring the proper utilization of the treasury, to sustain a healthy financial condition of the business. Feel free to contact me anytime during the week to discuss my application in detail.

Thank you.

Sincere regards,

Vincent Irizarry

Enclosure: Resume

Closely study the layout of the treasurer resume cover letter shown above, to give you a clear idea as to how you need to present your information.Also go for the best sample of general financial manager resume

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