Law and Public Administration Resume Cover Letter

Government jobs come with many privileges and facilities. These jobs are of high responsibility, wherein an individual will work in the favor of a nation, but the facilities that come with these jobs are also worth taking the pain to get into a public administration job. Besides, some wish to use their skills and expertise to work for the welfare of the citizens or the nation. Working in legal or admin services, they can serve the citizens. While applying for these jobs, a job applicant needs a resume written accordingly along with a Law and Public Administration resume cover letter. This letter completes your job application, and in fact strengthens your job application.

Why does one need a Law and Public Administration cover letter?

When you hear about cover letters for your resume, and are told that you must write effective letters to make a good impression on the prospective employer, you must be thinking why do you need this letter?

Purpose of this letter is very simple. It aims at two things:

  1. Getting your resume selected in the resume screening round
  2. Getting you an interview call

When there is a job vacancy, the employer gets many resumes and job applications in response to the advertisement. He/she does not read the entire resume or does not call all the applicants for an interview. The interviewer first screens the resumes. He tries to choose the resume that matches the job requirements. However, reading all the resumes completely is again a problem for him/her. Lack of time does not allow the interviewer, to read the complete resumes of all candidates. Although your resume is a summary of your academic and career experiences, it still goes up to 2-3 pages. The employer might fail to get an exact idea about your abilities if he/she does not read your resume completely, or skips some sections of your resume. This might prove to be a setback for you. The cover letter thus helps to further summarize your resume and present yourself in front of the employer in just one page. Now since this is just a page long, written smartly to summarize your work experience, academics and achievements, and not more than four paragraphs, it is preferably more legible for the employer. He/she will get a complete idea of 22-25 years of your life. Thus, a cover letter is needed to present the best of your resume shortly and smartly, in front of the employer, so that you successfully clear the resume screening round, and further get an interview call.

What should the cover letter include?

While writing a Law and Public Administration cover letter, you must first understand the job responsibilities and requirements for this job profile. Once you read the job description for the said profile, you can match your skills and abilities with the requirements given for the profile. You might or might not possess all the skills required, but since you are applying for the said job, you would possess at least some of them. Present this to the employer, and tell him/her till what extent you match his/her job requirements. Basically, you just need to sync your abilities to the employer's requirements. It should answer the employer's question 'Why should I choose you'? You need to speak about what skills you possess and what more you can learn and develop. In certain cases, when you possess something less than required, you can try to convince the employer that you are a fast learner, and will grasp things quickly.

Whatever you write in your letter, the facts in it should be true. Avoid writing any pseudo content or exaggerating your skills. If you manage to get into the interviews, the interviewer will judge you based on whatever you have written in your cover letter and resume. If you fail to prove your point there, you would lose an opportunity and might as well spoil your impression on the employer.

Thus, your letter should present you, your skills, interest, experience, academic and workplace achievements, interest in the organization and requesting an interview call at the end. Everything should be summarized and written by taking the best from your resume, so that the letter complements the resume and does not look like your resume. Refer to some sample Law and public Administration resume cover letters in the links below to find one that suits your job profile.

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