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Lobbyist cover letter is used by lobbyists while introducing themselves to a politician, senator and/ or other members of the House of Representatives. Politics is a big game and nothing is left to luck. You have to own the table to win the game. By table, we mean, influential people who can make even the most unshakable personalities say 'Yes'. No one can win here on their own; you have to own them and keep them, loyal and close.

In order for any policy to get passed, it needs to serve some of the vested interests of certain powerful people; these people are in the game to win big. Nothing moves until they nod. If you watch closely, the history is full of such examples; the famous Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973. It is one of the most controversial acts where John Daniel Ehrlichman with the help of certain other famous bigwigs from the medical and corporate world, convinced President Richard Nixon about the personal benefits of passing the Health Insurance Resolution, thus introducing the concept of Medical Insurance in America. Everyone filled their pockets from that and left the American people with a badly-run, inadequate health system. This was the beginning of the American Health Insurance System, where the common motto was, 'The less we give to the patients, the more we earn. So earn good!'

Every industry has its own set of lobbyists who have great influence over politicians and their vote banks. They also work towards getting the bills passed that are in public interests.

The following article presents you with a fictionalized scenario, but more importantly, describes how you should draft your own cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter

Dr. Eli Roth
XYZ Health Association of America
41st Osmond St.
Washington, DC 20019
Contact No.: (202) 467-0098

Senator Hank McGraw
Democratic Party
West Wing
Contact No.: (817) 645-0843

Subject- Presenting an opportunity of working together, serving our mutual interests

Senator McGraw,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the dinner last night at The Hilton. Throughout our conversation on the present scenario of American Healthcare, we discussed about some excellent opportunities that would prove beneficial to you in the forthcoming elections. But, what I am about to suggest to you now, consider it as a trump card in your hand.

The people of the United States of America are disgruntled by the poor health care system, in the name of privatization of the entire structure. This has caused great embarrassment to your party in the recent past, and not to forget the famous transcript of the conversation between our former President, Richard Nixon and John Daniel Ehrlichman, the then Assistant domestic affairs. The public unrest against these big multi-million health insurance companies is growing by the day. As far as people are concerned, these corporations have only one motto and, no Sir, 'Serving the people's health' is not that motto. Rather, 'The less we give away in insurance money, the greater the profits.' is their motto.

While all this is well known, let me straightaway come to the point. The idea is to pass a new resolution to bring all these private insurance corporations under the purview of a stricter, bigger government agency, an apex body. The principle task of this agency would be to charge these corporations with an additional sum of money in case of any fraudulent or suppressive acts against their clients. Setting up of a special Health Insurance Grievance Redressal forum will go a long way, where people could directly complain about the fraudulent insurance companies. Now, before you raise your question regarding the objections from the bigwig lobbyists of insurance sector, let me present you with another point. The times are tight, and no private corporation has the power to spend gazillion dollars on fighting the government or buying back your vote-bank. You see, it is a win-win situation for you. They can be angry with you, and can bad mouth you and they can even go on strike. So what? The government can always threaten them of a total deconstruction of the private health sector, introducing socialist angle to the health care and once again converting it into a government owned sector.

So, in the end, what all do you gain? Money from these corporations and trust of the happy citizens, along with their votes.

So, the choice is yours. You introduce it into the Parliament, you win; they try to attack you for this, you still win. Under the present economic situation, these private corporate giants don't stand a chance. The government, on the other side, can start making millions by implicating them of thousands of outstanding court cases filed by common people against them.I would be waiting for your reply. On getting a confirmation from your side, I shall present you with a full-detailed plan, which I have already made. Let us meet up soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Eli Roth,
XYZ Health Association of America

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