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Attorney (Commercial Law) Resume

An effective attorney (commercial law) resume would be the one, which is able to precisely present the desired skill-sets, in a professional and attractive manner. Considering the high levels of subject proficiency required, Attorneys are hired only after successful completion of all the steps of selection process.

Right from the screening of the attorney resumes, to the final confirmation, every step plays a crucial role in the selection of a candidate. Among all these steps, the process of drafting the resume for attorney job application requires considerable attention. This is because the outcome of resume selection stage would determine if a candidate wins an opportunity to attempt for next stages, such as personal interview, technical round, negotiations, etc.

Candidates must be able to present their professional credentials in a striking and inciting way, to convince the employers to consider their candidature further. Considering that commercials laws are highly intricate and vary from nation to nation, state to state, and deal to deal, it requires in depth subject knowledge, and extensive skill-sets, for one to become a successful Commercial Law Attorney. Thus, drafting a resume which can effectively share and promote the exhaustive experience and skill-sets, it requires professional approach, as illustrated in the attorney resume sample given below.

Sample Attorney Resume
(Commercial Law)

Freeman C. Gordon
4558 Liberty Avenue
Santa Ana
California - 92704
Tel: (714) 429 8557

Career Objective:

To be part of a growth oriented organization, where I can successfully explore my skill-sets and help safeguard commercial interests of the organization, for sustained growth and development, along with opportunities for personal professional growth.

Career Synopsis:

An experienced law professional, with 13 years of experience working on legal issues related to commercial activities. I have helped organizations in developing effective and successful business strategies, acceptable under all laws governing the same.

Professional Work Experience:

Corporate Lawyer (Commercial)
TriCon Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Carolina Cir, Corona, CA
(2009 - till date)

Job responsibilities

  • To assist the management in analyzing legal implications of commercial activities undertaken by the firm
  • Interpret the government policies and statutory laws governing commercial transactions for the management
  • To represent the organization in the court for commercial litigations
  • To study and analyze the business laws for exploring new market and venture opportunities
  • Review business documents of clients for signing commercial deeds
  • Coordinate with external agencies investigating commercial deals
  • Submit necessary reports on behalf of the organization to concerned legal and federal departments
  • Explain the organizational policies to the clients and customers
  • To provide necessary assistance for drafting business documents, and terms and conditions for new deals or agreements
  • Train the subordinates and employees for adherence to the legal procedures
  • Maintain a record of all litigations and their outcome for future references
  • Provide necessary feedback to management for review of decisions, and to incorporate changes in future business activities
  • Assist in framing organizational legal policies and documents

Chief Solicitor
Tess Network group Inc., Dove St., Newport Beach, CA
(2005 - 2009)

Job responsibilities

  • To study and analyze the litigations filed, and plan strategies
  • To represent the company in the court, and present company's stand in defense
  • Coordinate and provide relevant information to investigating agencies
  • Audit the business transactions for illegal activities
  • Scrutinize client's business documents for approval and legitimacy
  • Provide necessary feedback to management for drafting legal policies
  • Interpret the legal trends, statutory laws, and government policies for the management and concerned departments
  • Train the sub ordinates and organization employees dealing with legal aspects of business transactions
  • Prepare various legal documents for the organization, such as contracts, terms and conditions, etc.
  • Analyze competitor strategies for their legal implications

Commercial Lawyer
Stardust Wealth ventures Pvt. Ltd., West Main Street, Suite 101, Tustin, CA
(2000 - 2005)

Job responsibilities

  • Represent the organization in court for commercial litigations
  • Assist in processing of various commercial transactions
  • Negotiate terms and conditions for finalization of commercial deeds
  • Interact with clients and customers, and draft customized conditions for them
  • To defend the organization in judicial proceedings
  • File commercial litigations on organization's behalf
  • Monitor clients' and competitors' activities for identifying breach of legal interests
  • To draft various legal documents
  • Keep a record of all litigations, their outcome, and relevant information for future reference

Professional Skills:

  • Adept at commercial and civil laws
  • Proficient in research skills
  • Writing and communication skills
  • Negotiation skills

Academic Qualifications:

LLM (Masters in Law)
American Law College, Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA
(1998 - 2000)

BA-LLB (Integrated Course Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law)
California Coast University, Spurgeon St., Santa Ana, CA
(1993 - 1998)


Would be made available on request.


I, hereby, confirm that the details shared above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Name: Freeman C. Gordon
Signature: ####Date: April 01, 2012Place: Santa Ana, CA

Candidates can benefit form the above given commercial law attorney resume example, and customize it suiting to their profile for maximum efficacy.

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