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A financial advisor cover letter focuses mainly on the candidate's ability to analyze and understand the clients' financial condition and suggest suitable measures to facilitate their financial stability. The letter revolves around the jobseeker's knowledge in several aspects of financial planning such as income protection insurance, retirement provisions, capital gains, critical illness insurance, pension planning, investments etc. The role of a financial advisor is subject to critical analysis of the client's need for financial stability and hence, it is regarded as a highly responsible profile, where extensive care needs to be taken so as to ensure the accuracy in all the financial decisions.

The cover letter of a financial advisor should be designed, so as to express his understanding in various internal financial affairs, tax treatment, asset allocation, return on investment and majorly, his proficiency in budgeting and forecasting. The role of a financial advisor also consists of setting realistic short term as well as long term goals, to bring in desired changes to facilitate the improvement of the client's financial condition, while considering the magnitude of several financial risks that might affect the possibility of financial growth. Therefore, it is required that you bring into light your efficiency in financial risk analysis, so as to put forth your ability to handle financial crisis.

Consider referring to the following sample of a financial advisor cover letter to give you more clarity on how to present your information effectively.

Cover Letter Sample

Joseph D. Stribling
4811 Cook Hill Road
New Haven, CT 06511

Jessica Thomsen
Human Resources
Allied Security Systems
1923 Hardman Road
Colchester, VT 05446

Ref: Referred by Ms. Daria Prawuucka, Finance Manager, Fellowship Investments, Randolph branch, VT

Dear Ms. Thomsen,

Having received information of the job vacancy within your organization from a friend of mine, who happens to be a former employee of your company, I hereby extend my application for the position of Financial Advisor for your business. I am a finance professional with over 4 years of relevant experience, seeking an opportunity to explore my skills in financial planning and investment advice.

I have completed my graduation in commerce in 20064, after which I moved on to pursue a masters degree in Financial Planning from the Hartford State University, with 2 years of experience as an Associate Financial Analyst, which I completed in the year 2009. I then worked as an Investment Analyst in Infinite Wealth Planners, Hartford CT, from Feb 2008 till Apr 2010, after which I decided to take a break so as to focus on clearing my CFA examinations. I am a Tier-3 Chartered financial analyst and a licensed investment advisor representative.

Throughout my previous employments and education, I have been subject to acquiring extensive knowledge pertaining to financial planning and investments, while developing my understanding in other areas of finance such as financial analysis, budgeting, taxation, mutual funds, insurance, stock brooking, financial risk-analysis, loans etc. I wish to explore deeply, various aspects of finance, while constantly developing my skills and knowledge to increase my efficiency in handling the challenges that I am likely to encounter in the working environment.

Besides, I am also highly efficient in time management, forecasting, analysis, research, and decision making, to complement my professional qualities in providing the best financial advices. Upon being given an opportunity to serve you, I oblige to improve the financial condition of your business, by the implementation of my knowledge in financial planning, coupled with my transferable skills, to increase the profitability of the company, while constantly keeping a check on internal and external factors causing financial risks.

Kindly consider my application favorably and provide me with the opportunity to meet with you, so as to express my interests and abilities more effectively. You may contact me anytime, if you wish to discuss my application in detail.

Thank you.


Joseph Stribling


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