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Financial Analyst Resume

Capital is the backbone of any organization. Effective use of this resource is essential for the success of the organization. Every organization makes investments and these investments if go wrong, can incur huge damages to the financial resource of the organization. Thus, an expert opinion is always sought before making any such investment decision. A Financial Analyst is an expert in this field, and helps make sound financial decisions. He/she can work with business houses, investment firms, banks, or operate as an Independent Financial Advisor and provide financial advice to individuals on their investments. To help understand this profile better, and make it simpler for you to apply for a job in the same, we have shared a financial analyst resume sample herewith. The sample resume gives an idea of a perfect resume format, and the roles and responsibilities section of the resume, gives an idea about the job profile for the said position.

Sample Financial Analyst Resume

Robert .L. White
1050 Town Street
Bristol, VA 22120
Ph: 333 124510

Career Objective:

Willing to work as a Financial Head of an organization, wherein my role extends beyond an advisor, and I get the freedom to use my expertise, to get the best out of all situations related to investment/financial decisions.

Career Summary:

With a zeal to continuously learn and update myself, I have worked hard for almost 7 years in this field. I started my career with an investment firm, later joined a bank, and am now working with Softech Solutions, as a Financial Analyst. Also, advice friends and colleagues with their investments, and dream of being a renowned financial expert.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good analytical and intuitive skills
  • Thorough understanding of the financial market
  • Proficient in using MS Excel and other statistical tools for analysis of information
  • Good presentation skills to help present the analysis in a way that help the advise seekers understand the analysis
  • Good convincing skills
  • Good communication skills

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Softech Solutions
Designation: Financial Analyst
(2009- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Chief Financial Officer
  • Keep a check on the financial market, and study various investment options
  • Advice the organization heads on various investment decisions and options
  • Study the feasibility of a project in terms of its financial returns
  • Keep a check on the market value of shares of the organization
  • Diversify and minimize risks in financial investments by suggesting product portfolio investments
  • Keep a check on investments of the organization, and advice regarding divesting or holding the same

Previous Work Experience:

People's Bank
Designation: Financial Expert

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manage the investments of the bank
  • Keep a thorough check on the financial investments of the bank, make proper investments, and responsible for taking divestment and holding decisions
  • Calculation and distribution of dividends to shareholders
  • Oversee the financial investment department of the bank

Silver Stock Financial Solutions
Designation: Financial Advisor

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Handle the investments of a group of clients
  • Help the clients in making correct investments to ensure good profits
  • Update the clients regarding the market condition, and the status of their investments
  • Make customized product portfolios for client's financial investment, depending upon his/her needs, investment capacity, etc.
  • Advice the clients on divestment or holding of investments

Extra Information:

  • Working as an Independent Financial Advisor to individual clients, friends, and relatives


  • Masters in Finance & Accounting- 2004
  • Bachelors of Commerce - 2002

Computer Skills:

  • Proficient with basic computer operations, MS Excel, and Internet operations
  • Proficiency in using different statistical analysis tools

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Participated and won the Mock Trading Fest thrice during graduation and post graduation
  • Participated in a few indoor sports


Looking for suitable opportunities in Bristol and Portsmouth


Available on request


Robert .L. White

The sample financial analyst resume given above, clearly explains the role and job profile of a Financial Analyst. The roles and responsibilities section not only helps us understand the job profile, but also helps us understand the scope of work for the said position. The sample resume, as mentioned in the introduction, can be used as a ready to use format, and can be altered as required. Reading the job description put forth by the employer thoroughly, and using this sample resume to draft your resume, you can draft a resume that will help you portray your best to the prospective employer.
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