Communication Resume Cover Letter

Communication is the base of any successful organization. An organization where there is transparency and free communication, success is not a challenge. Communication is important for each one of us. If we are powerful in communication, we have all the chances of succeeding in all walks of life. The importance of communication is such that, organizations have special people dedicated to work for the organizational communication. These employees are responsible for the communication within the organization and communication with the clients. There are some professions that are completely into communication business - magazines, newspapers, advertisements, etc. The professionals working in these profiles are experts in communication, and they apply for jobs in their field with their communication resumes. However, to complete this job application, these professionals need a communication resume cover letter.

What is a resume cover letter?

Every job applicant sends his/her resume to the employer. Now since the employer lists down the criteria for selection, the candidates who apply for the job will have a more or less similar qualification and skills. When you apply for a job, you are one amongst these. You thus need to grab the employer's attention. The employer should find some difference in your job application as compared to the other applicants. This difference will induce an interest and force him/her to call for an interview. How do you differentiate yourself? The answer is a 'resume cover letter'. This letter when written smartly is very effective in communicating with the employer. It is thus your letter that creates your first impression on the employer.

Cover Letter in Communications profile:

While applying in the communications profile, the main skill or ability the employer would look for is your communication skill. The profile you opt for might require you to be good in oral communication or written communication, but the necessary skill is being perfect in communication. Thus, you get a chance of proving your skill when you write a cover letter. The cover letter is thus utmost important in this profile. The more effective communication, the better the chances of the employer being impressed. In fact, here you have to communicate effectively via written communication. You need to build a rapport with the employer with the help of the letter you write.

In other fields as well, this letter is very important and no mistakes or leniency is accepted. However, in case of a communication job profile, it is not tolerated. If you fail to communicate effectively about yourself, the employer would not be convinced that you would communicate effectively for others. Thus, a communication resume cover letter has to be perfect.

Writing a cover letter:

The format and contents to be included in the letter remains the same. The contents matter changes. What should be included in this letter is same for all cover letters, but what information you would put will differ with the job profile, skills you possess, and the designation you apply for.

Format of the cover letter:

The letter is written in a formal letter format.

  • Font - Times New Roman or Arial; size 12
  • No italics or colored font
  • No fancy font or page borders
  • Not more than four paragraphs and no long sentences and long paragraphs
  • Addressed to the concerned person and no generic addressing
  • Proper salutation and alignment
  • Written using a typewriter or MS-Word; handwritten letters not acceptable
  • Avoid taking photocopies. An original print out is more impactful than a photocopy.

Content of the cover letter:

The cover letter is divided into four paragraphs. The first paragraph is the - candidate introduction and the post he/she is applying for.

The second paragraph is used to justify his/her application. Here the candidate speaks about his/her skills and abilities that answer the employer's job requirements.

The third paragraph is to show your interest in the organization. In this paragraph, the candidate can tell the employer why he/she is interested in joining that specific organization. Here the employer can see the efforts you put into research before applying for the job.

In the last paragraph, the candidate requests the employer to arrange an interview wherein he/she could prove himself/herself.

Refer to some sample communication resume cover letters for different job profiles in the links below. These sample letters will give you a clearer idea of a perfect cover letter for your resume.