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The work nature of an Assistant Promotions Director involves directing the promotion department, organizing, and coordinating events, seminars of respected industry. The job description of an assistant promotions director differs according to the industry. For e.g. in a Health Care industry, the assistant promotions director organizes health seminar, whereas in a Radio Station, he organizes broadcast events to promote the industry. Therefore, read the advertisement with proper care, so that you can mention specific details into your cover letter.

Assistant promotions director is also known as assistant advertising director and assistant marketing director. So do not be confused with the title. You should be focused enough to provide relevant information in short. Your cover letter must not summarize your resume. It has to be a brief, simple, personalized application to your recruiter.

The cover letter consists of three parts mainly. The first part comprises of salutation, in the second paragraph, mention your qualifications, skill sets, and experience and in the third part,viz. concluding paragraph, show your gratitude towards your employer and reveal an expectation for an immediate meeting from the other side.

Sample Cover Letter

Charles Morrison
56 Glaciar Road
E mail Id:

Oliver Coyle
Managing Director, CXZ Radio Sation
United States
Contact no.: 786-345-769
E-mail Id:

Subject: Job application for the post of Assistant Promotions Director

Dear Mr. Coyle,

I am very glad to offer my candidature for the post of Assistant Promotions Director in your Radio station. I came across the job opening via Internet. I am well acquainted with your workstation as one of my cousin worked into it. He was telling how excellent the work atmosphere is, and advised not to lose the opportunity.

I was always ready to work in the broadcasting sector, where I can best exhibit my proficiencies. My creative and communicative skills have inspired me to apply for the post, and I can assure you to give my best to do justice to the assigned tasks.

My educational degree in Promotional Direction and four years experience in the field has helped me to execute my duties accurately. I would like to inform you that I have achieved the Best Employer of the Year 2008, in my earlier organization, and was certified as the most regular employer among the rest.

Therefore, most cordially I would like to request you to consider my candidature for the existing vacancy. I have enclosed my resume, copies of experience certificates to your knowledge.

Looking forward to meet you as soon as possible and thanking you for giving your time,


Charles Morrison

Enclosure: Resume

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