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The career option advertising public relations director exists mainly in the music industry. He is responsible for dealing with the press releases and promotion of orchestra related activities. He announces all kinds of information about future concerts, to local folk, and also to the associates of the press. An advertising public relations director works like a mediator between the community and the industry. Organizing press conferences, he advertises all orchestral activities to make the performer and the band popular among common laity. The director has to supervise all kinds of events such as press conferences, parties and other functions. For promotion, the advertising director joins other organizations too. For e.g. to promote a concert hall, the director needs to take help of a business establishment. In case the pop group appoints a leader, the director will be responsible to hold a meeting between the leader and the media. Although advertising public relations director is a part time job, yet the growth option is immense, as you can shift to the development arena as Development Director.

Cover Letter Sample

William Magpies
56 Hailstorm
SC, United States
Contact: 560-563-985
Email Id:

Roger Anderson
First Track Music Institute
45 Mount Abu
South Carolina
United States
Phone No.:564-674-237
E-mail Id:

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to offer my candidature for the position of Advertising Public Relation Director in your organization. Your human resource personnel Mr. Luke has told me about the existing vacancy, and asserted that First Track Music Institute is willingly hiring quality individuals for the above-mentioned position.

I have done my Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and best aware of orchestral activities. Besides rich vocabulary, fluency over varied languages enable me to communicate and interact with other groups, media persons to promote any institution. I would like to inform you gladly that Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) certifies me as one of the members to adhere to the policy of human resources.

I have extensive experience of four years in the field of advertising and marketing. I worked with several concert halls and undertook all responsibilities to promote, help and liaison with people and media. There I conducted and supervised press conferences, all music related functions, seminars and took care of smooth execution of orchestral actions. Thus, I gained the ability of good leadership, management, and prompt decision-making.

Therefore, I humbly request you to give me a chance to serve for your organization. My educational background and industry specific knowledge is sufficient to provide best performance as per industry requirement. I have enclosed my resume and two experience certificates with this cover letter. Hope, you will go through and consider me for an interview.

Thanking you for giving time,


William Magpies


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