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Career Changer (Public Relations) Resume

When drafting a public relations resume for career change, the candidates need to design an appropriate career objective that would clearly represent his interests, aspirations, and goals, all in accordance with the requirements put forth by the employer. It must be designed to explain the situation in brief, something like "Seeking a deviation from the current path…" or "seeking a change from the profession of ________ to public relations…" A clear base idea of professional background is what the recruiter is looking for in your application. As a candidate eligible for the position of a public relation officer, you need to show your knowledge and understanding on social, political, and economic trends, while directing a major part of the reader's attention towards your operational and managerial skills. Changing career does invoke a question mark on the reader's mind; however, it can certainly be nullified by organizing all information in a uniform manner, so as to supersede the effect of the seemingly undesirable career related aspects of your profile.

An ability to market the profile it is. Keep it clear and brief. Mention your understanding on the functioning of media. Don't forget to include your crisis handling abilities and knowledge in labor relations as your key skills. It is a good practice to add a title to your resume, like "Seeking opportunity in Public Relations," followed by a healthy objective that specifies the purpose of your application. While stating your work history, include only the most essential details such as the name of the employer, location, your designation and duration within the company, and the most significant job responsibilities you have come across. You may also include your achievements or the details of any awards or rewards that you have earned along the course, but the information should bear somewhat relevance to the job profile that you are applying for. Titles earned, such as Best Performer of the Month etc, can also be included. This you need to include along with your skills, following the career objective. All the information that you include in these sections should bear utmost significance when associated with public relations as a field of profession. Educational history need not be elaborated.

Include an effective cover letter (Public relations)

A cover letter is a mandatory part of your job application; in fact, it is the first document that falls on a recruiter's hand. It is after reading the cover letter that they decide whether to review your resume. So, treat it as a personal interaction with your recruiter. Introduce your situation and your profile, but take care not to summarize your resume onto the letter. Another important element in your cover letter is to express your willingness to contribute to the company's growth upon employment. You'll find several cover letter samples throughout this website.

Given below is a free sample of a public relations resume for career change, for your reference. Study the layout and observe the nature of its contents, and customize properly before drafting the resume.

Michael V. Villanueva
3487 Cedar Lane
Cambridge, MA 02141

Field of interest - Public Relations:

Seeking a desirable change in career from marketing and explore the field of public relations and work towards the assimilation of goodwill by optimum utilization of media as the best resource for the organization's development and internal advancement.

Key Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of the functioning of mass media and promotions
  • Deep understanding of the concept of market research, analysis, and segmentation
  • Highly proficient in situation/crisis handling
  • Proficient in the coordination of promotional efforts such as merchandising, product demos, community relations etc
  • Expert in the interpretation and analysis of statistical data
  • Adequate exposure to event planning and organization
  • Highly proficient in written and verbal communication

Professional Background:

Employer: Square Circle - Boston, MAJun 2010 till present
Designation: Marketing Supervisor
Job Description:

  • Supervise, monitor, and analyze the performance of the marketing team, arrange for training programs when necessary
  • Establish and maintain business relationships with distributors, advertising agencies, and potential clients
  • Conduct, coordinate, and participate in product presentations, client conferences, and promotional workshops
  • Ensure the achievement of the targeted outcome, laid forth by the management
  • Conduct market and customer research and competitor analysis
  • Coordinate with the Marketing Manager to develop pricing policies and forecast budget and expenses

Employer: Hoyden - Lexington, MAApr 2007 till Dec 2009
Designation: Sales Executive
Job Description:

  • Contact and arrange meets with clients and customers to establish and maintain significant business relationships
  • Discuss and negotiate contracts and annual agreements via video conferences or in person
  • Design proposals and customized product presentations, schedule maintenance and documentation
  • Participate in promotional events, represent the company in trade fairs
  • Provide upcoming product updates to existing clients, while keeping the search on for more potential customers


PG Diploma in Business Management2010
Lexington State University
Placed in grade A

Bachelor of Science2007
Wakefield Community College
Placed in grade B


Available upon request

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