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It is necessary for one to communicate and coordinate, to facilitate smooth operations and functioning in the organization. Different departments in the organization perform different functions. However, these functions need to be coordinated and directed towards one specific goal of the organization. Thus, meetings and conferences are an integral part of an organization, and contribute a lot to the organization's success. As meetings are very important, a lot of planning and efforts goes into every meeting, and arranging a meeting. The organizations, thus sometimes appoint a specific person who is responsible for arranging timely meetings, planning the meetings, etc. This person is appointed at the post of Meeting Planning Specialist. Job Description:

A meeting planner is responsible for organizing meeting. He does not conduct the meeting nor is he an active participant in the meeting. However, his role is to communicate and coordinate with different departments of the organizations and understand their needs. This person should also be able to analyze the situation by himself, so as to plan when an inter department and intra department meeting has to be conducted, when a client or vendor meeting has to be conducted, etc.

Besides deciding on organizing a meeting, he would also be responsible for making necessary arrangements for the meeting such as arranging for lunch and refreshments, checking the projector and the system, etc.

In terms of qualification, a graduate with good communication and coordination skills or even business administration graduates would suffice.

If this job interests you, try to find out more about it, and look for opportunities in the same. The cover letter sample given below will enhance your job application, and thus increase the chances of you getting the job.

17th November
Martha Shine
Color Lien Lane
Sandra Avenues
Grey Street
South California - 65111
Ph: 333 111 01010

Mr. Kevin Jose
The Recruiter
JJ Organization
6th Crossroad Avenue
Twin Tower
California - 65113

Dear Mr. Jose,

I am Martha Shine, and this is with reference to the job advertisement placed in Daily Times, dated 16th November 2013 for the post of Meeting Planning Specialist. I have 3 years of relevant work experience, and thus wish to present my candidature for this position with your organization.

I have completed my Bachelors in Business Administration (2010), and have been working since. I joined S. Solutions as an intern, and later continued working with the organization for a year. Post this, I joined Pioneers as an Asst. Meeting Planning Specialist, and have been working with them till date. During my work tenure, I have planned and organized more than 150 meetings, conferences and events for my organizations. I believe that my expertise out of this experience, will prove beneficial to your organization.

JJ Organization is a renowned MNC, and with this job, I would get a designation hike that I deserve. My experience gained over the years makes me feel that I am now eligible to apply for a senior position.

I have enclosed my resume herewith. Please review the same, and if possible call me for an interview at the earliest to discuss this job opportunity in person.

Looking forward to meet you soon.

Thank you.


Martha Shine
333 111 01010

Enclosure: A copy of resume

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