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Globalization has united the world and brought together many big business houses from different parts of the world. People feel the need to communicate with others for business purposes, while on a vacation, in conferences, etc. However, there are many different languages in the world. Not only in the world, but every country and every state have many different languages. If people fail to communicate with others for not knowing a common language, they would be left behind in the society and life. However, it is not possible for each one of us to know all the languages. This gave rise to the concept of an Interpreter or Translator. An interpreter facilitates cross-cultural communication, and helps the people to extend to areas where they couldn't, due to communication problems. To apply for this job, one must be very powerful in languages, and send an Interpreter resume cover letter along with the resume for applying to a certain job.

An Interpreter not only translates one person's words, but also translates the ideas, business strategies, etc. Thus, an interpreter should not only master the particular language but he should also be very clear with the concept or subject matter of the topic in order to make sensible translations.
An Interpreter needs to be very attentive, and should understand minute details of everything that they are asked to interpret, because they have to understand and translate everything in spoken communication, which otherwise would be very confusing.

Types of Interpreters:

There are two types of Interpreters.

  1. Simultaneous Interpreters: These interpreters translate simultaneously as and when the other person speaks. Thus, the interpreter should have a clear idea of the topic, and preferably should be familiar with the other person's speaking style. This kind of interpretation is used in missionary speeches, conferences, etc.
  2. Consecutive Interpreters: This person interprets only after the other person completes his speech. He might list down points while the other person speaks. Usually, a one-on-one communication has this type of interpretation.

If this position interests you, opt for this career, as it not only pays you well, but also gives you a chance to meet different people and travel to different parts of the world.

To make your job application more impressive, read the sample cover letter illustrated below, and write your own for your resume.

16th November 2013
Jenita James
Seven Lakes Street
Grapevine Homes
15th Street,
California - 651203
Ph: 666 51510

Ms. Rose Shell
J.Johny Business Group
MNC Tower
California - 651208

Dear Ms. Shell,

With reference to the advertisement posted on for the position of Interpreter, I am sending my updated resume and application form. I have 1 year of work experience, and I believe that I suit your organization's requirement.

I have completed my Graduation in English, and have completed an official Interpreter course. I have also completed a Diploma course in German and French. After completing my education, I joined Hathway as an Intern, and was later taken on board. Since then I have been working with Hathway as an Asst. Interpreter. The job requirement given by you reads that you need an Interpreter for French and German, with a minimum experience of 6 months. I thus fit in the requirements and assure you that you would never doubt your decision of selecting me for this job.

J.Johny Business Group is a renowned MNC and has its operations in USA, France, Germany and India. I am also familiar with some of the Asian languages, so it would be an added advantage. J.Johny has always respected and nurtured talent, and I hope to see the same in this case.

Please go through my resume attached herewith. I also request you to kindly call me for an interview so that we could discuss this further.

Thank you.


Jenita James
666 51510

Enclosure: Resume

The sample letter given above allows the applicant to communicate his purpose, and justify the same by mentioning some of the important skills required for the job. Write your cover letter smartly, such that it conveys exactly what you want. Check out the resume for translator and sample of linguistics major resume for better resume building.

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