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Linguistic Major Resume

Resume is the only document that employers refer, in searching the suitable candidate for the particular opening. This is usually the first and the last way to fill the position. Writing a proper and professional resume is essential in any job opening. It is necessary to showcase the relevant skills, work experience, and educational qualifications. Before selecting a candidate, employers scan the samples, and make a decision based on the resume. Therefore, it is very much essential to know the basic guidelines required for building a great resume.

Linguistics major focuses on the study and analysis of language. It is in short, the process of language acquisition, language history, and the structure of language. With the globalization in today's business world, a graduate with linguistics as a major subject can be of great value. Related career opportunities that can be applied by candidates with linguistic major include anthropologists, translators, speech language pathologist, language teacher, and so on.

This linguistic major resume delineates in detail the job description and skill sets of a speech language pathologist, followed by a fine resume example. Speech language pathologist has opportunities to work with patients with speech disorder. This type of job is available in hospitals, speech schools, laboratories, and nursing homes. Some of the day to day activities of a speech language pathologist include conducting research on speech and sound, planning speech impairments therapy, identifying speech disorders, developing and planning appropriate treatment plans, and teaching sounds. It is necessary for a speech language pathologist to have knowledge of language disorder, language, clinical tools and methods, linguistic components, cultural-linguistic diversity, and language teaching techniques.

Sample Linguistic Major Resume

Darcy Williams
215 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, New York
Cell: 123-112-8210


Hands on experience in developing and implementing language speech therapy programs with diverse knowledge of language and linguistic components. Seeking an opportunity to work as a speech language pathologist in a language institute.

Professional Knowledge & Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of treatment techniques and procedures of speech and language disorder
  • Extensive knowledge of speech language pathology services and speech treatment devices
  • In-depth knowledge of identifying and treating communication and cognitive disorders
  • Familiar with federal and state regulations of speech-language pathology services
  • Posses sound clinical judgment and excellent communication skills
  • Sound knowledge of hearing evaluation, language therapy, and articulation therapy techniques and procedures

Work Experience:

Employer: Speech Clinic, New York
Tenure: 2010 till date
Designation: Speech Language Pathologist

  • Handle the tasks of providing diagnostic therapeutic speech-language pathology services to patients
  • Perform responsibilities of identifying language disorders and perform evaluation to provide appropriate treatment
  • Assigned the tasks of developing and analyzing current treatment procedures of speech language pathology
  • Responsible for planning speech therapy interventions by assessing the requirements of patients
  • Perform the tasks of modifying treatment plans to meet treatment goals, if required
  • Handle responsibilities of teaching patients on improving voice quality and in making various sounds
  • Responsible for developing teaching techniques to improve oral or written language communication skills of patients

Employer: Sound Hospital, New York
Tenure: 2008 to 2010
Designation: Junior Speech Language Pathologist

  • Performed responsibilities of educating patients on strengthening muscles that plays effective part in speech production
  • Assigned the tasks of providing speech-language pathology services by following standard guidelines and procedures
  • Handled the tasks of conducting diagnostic speech pathology of patients to test the swallowing capacity of patients
  • Responsible for assisting staff in developing speech therapeutic plan and in interpreting testing results
  • Assigned responsibilities of choosing appropriate speech devices to improve the communication level of patients
  • Responsible for conducting re-evaluation of speech order to determine the impact of therapy treatment

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor Degree of Arts in Linguistic Major
North Point College, New York in the year 2008

The sample linguistic major resume focuses on sections like career objective, relevant knowledge & skills, work experience, and educational qualifications. Remember, a resume is not a story that needs narration. All you need is to draft it in a precise way. The sample follows the reverse chronological format, and the information is relevant to the position. Refer the above resume sample to have a professional resume that adds value to your professional background, and highlights your accomplishments in the most effective manner.

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