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Technical writers write technical tutorials and documentation for IT companies. This includes online tutorials, user guides, technical manuals, design specification and other online course material. Today, it is a booming profession and companies are in more and more need of such professionals.

A good knowledge about content is required for such kind of work. Technical writers may not necessarily be from the IT background but they are guided by engineers and systems experts. Nevertheless, they should be good at research to produce appropriately relevant, information rich articles. A technical writer must possess good skills in information design, developing training material, illustration, website designing, and user interface. While working on instructional design, he should have a good judgment of background color, text font, size, reader friendly interface, easy access through links among other things.

Qualification-wise, a technical writer has to be a degree holder (in any field). Apart from this he should possess good English writing skills and computer operation.

Cover Letter (experienced)

Edgar Elkhart
47 Easter St
Miami, FL 33126
(800) 512-2271

October 17th 2011

J. Marshal, HR Team
Zenith Solutions
Ember Towers
Miami, FL 33147

Subject - Application for the post of experienced technical writer

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you with regards to the job posting for the position of technical writer on your website

I have an experience of 2 years in this department and I am currently employed with Smith Technologies. During my tenure here, I have extensively worked on policies, procedures and documentation for systems hardware, software and other fields of IT. Among IT publishing activities I have good hold on visualizing, designing, color schemes and template creation. I have often worked on Visio for creating templates and effective layouts for linking diagrams to data sources.

Qualification-wise, I am a computer science graduate from the University of California, 2008 batch with distinction in Integrated Technologies. I have also done a diploma course in networking.

Working with you will be a pleasure as I am confident to learn many new things there and further gain experience while working on integrated technology documentation.

I am attaching my resume and experience letter here and hope that you will consider my application.

Thanking you, Yours Sincerely,

(Signature) Edgar Elkhart


Cover Letter (Fresher)

Bryan Campbell
23 Eldorado St.
Miami, FL 33126
(800) 546-2339

October 17th 2013

J. Marshal, HR Team
Zenith Solutions
Ember Towers
Miami, FL 33147

Subject - Application for the post of a fresher Technical writer

Dear Sir,

I saw the job opening for junior technical writer on your company website and I want to apply for the same.

I am a fresher and have just completed my graduation in Computer Sciences from Brown University.

I am proficient with Microsoft PowerPoint templates and have an ability to simplify complex analytical problems which I believe will help me in structuring and representing data in as simple a way as possible. Apart from this, I have basic knowledge of creating network diagrams which I have learned out of interest from my friends.

I want to start my career by working for a reputed company like Zenith. I want to pursue a successful career in technical writing and hence Zenith is my first choice. PFA my CV.

Hope to talk to you soon.

Thanking you,Yours faithfully,
(Signature) Bryan Campbell


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