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A sample cover letter for bank teller job.

A bank teller's resume cover letter should radiate the candidate's ability to accurately process and simultaneously record bank transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, checks etc, for customers and clients, while promoting the bank's products and services at certain times. The cover letter should also limelight the candidate's proficiency with numbers and calculations.

Every recruiter is looking for an answer to their employer's question as to how they will benefit by hiring you as their employee. So, you need to effectively put forth your ideas, so that it conveys your message without exaggerating. Mention that you have included detailed information of your professional background in your resume and let the reader know, when would be the best time to contact you. Finally, express your gratitude for the reader, for having spent his valuable time in your application and conclude your letter on a successful note.

Below is a free sample of cover letter for your reference.

Cover Letter Sample

Ms. Susan R. McHenry
3758 Davis Street
Augusta, GA 30901
Contact No.: (706) 449-7300

Lee S. Wallace
Branch Manager
ABC Bank
971 Private Lane
Bainbridge, GA 31717

Ref: Referred by Mr. David Floyd, Sr. Accountant, ABC Bank - Bainbridge branch

Dear Mr. Wallace,

I read about the job vacancies within your bank, in the US Mail dated December 12, and I would like to apply for the position of a Bank Teller in the Augusta Branch. I graduated in the field of commerce, from the University of Georgia in 2010, after which I pursued an MBA in Finance, which I completed in September 2013. Meanwhile, I was working as a Finance Executive in Froyd Associations, FL from Dec 2010 till August 2013, working my way towards becoming an expert in financial aspects of business.

I have always been interested in banking, although I did not consider it then for my academics. My education and experience has helped me gain an adequate amount of knowledge in the accounting and financial analysis of a business, developing my skills in calculations, maintenance of accounting reports, business transactions, payroll management etc, which would definitely help me in executing my responsibilities as a bank teller. I am well aware of banking activities, although your training would shape my abilities to perfection.

My key competencies include high proficiency with numbers, accuracy in complex calculations, great inter-personal communication skills, and sharp analytical and data interpretation skills. I would like to become a part of your team and contribute towards sustaining the reputation of your establishment, while working on increasing the efficiency of the banking process and developing the quality of service, so as to guarantee client satisfaction, and work towards exceeding their expectations.

Enclosed is my resume, where you will find details of my academic and professional qualification. You may contact me anytime during the day, if you wish to discuss my application in detail. Kindly provide me with an opportunity to express my interests and abilities more effectively, which would also facilitate your decision in hiring me.

Thank you.

Sincere regards,

Susan McHenry

Enclosure: Resume

While referring to the above example of the cover letter, please ensure that you refrain from being too descriptive, so as to make it easier for the recruiter to read. Customize it effectively, to give your letter a personal touch.

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