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A sample cover letter for billing clerk job.

A billing clerk resume cover letter should basically highlight the candidate's familiarity with calculations, transactions, POS applications, bookkeeping, and other administrative and clerical skills, while focusing on basic accounting skills and their transferable skills. Generally, you can apply for the position of a billing clerk if you have completed your high school or if you are a diploma holder. So, it is not really essential to focus much on your academic details, although you are required to mention it in your cover letter.

Following are the essential points to keep in mind while writing a billing clerk cover letter:

  • Keep your cover letter to one page only, so as to facilitate the reader's comfort
  • Do not explain your professional qualifications in detail
  • Do not use any Don'ts in your cover letter, try not to construct any sentences depicting a negative meaning
  • You need not include a subject line for your cover letter, since your introduction takes care of it
  • If you are being referred by someone, make sure you include the name of your referrer before your introduction
  • Be precise and concise while highlighting your skills, relating them to your education or your previous employment
  • Take care not to prepare a generic cover letter, which would lack the personal touch and is likely to be ignored
  • Mention the fact that you have enclosed your resume, where you have included the details of your previous job description and academic details
  • Keep your resume as well as the cover letter technical; make sure you avoid repetition of information so that they complement each other
  • Maintain a steady flow throughout the letter, so as to keep your reader successfully engaged
  • Include a sentence or two as to what you will do to offer your contribution for the establishment's growth
  • Finally, thank the reader for his/her consideration in your application

Given below is a free sample of a billing clerk cover letter that you can use to guide you in the process of preparing your own -

Billing Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Ernie J. Childress
1338 Warner Street
North Dade, FL 33180
(904) 825-7579

Sara R. Ash
Human Resources
Froukje Mills
1520 Owen Lane
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Dear Ms. Ash,

I am writing to express my interest in your job vacancy for the position of a Billing Clerk-II, which I came to know through your company's profile in I have therefore, enclosed my resume along with my application, where I have included my academic details and prior work experience.

I have worked in Greed's Space, Highlands, NC, in the billing department, from September 2010 till October 2011 and was involved in the preparation and cancelation of invoices, accounting data analysis and management, reviewing shipping documents, and account reconciliation. I am also familiar with the traditional billing practices as well as POS applications such as micros, versaPOS, EFTPOS, and ISO 8583.

Besides possessing the knowledge of POS applications and accounting and billing procedures, I am highly proficient in calculations, finding discrepancies in accounts and invoices, and managing delinquent bill payments, while ensuring high quality customer service.

I am eagerly looking forward to join your establishment and offer my assistance for the efficient functioning of your billing department, while ensuring the maintenance of accurate records, to facilitate your accounting and financial management. Kindly consider my application favorably; you may contact me anytime to schedule an appointment for an interview.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to grow within the billing sector, while acquiring more knowledge, which is bound to strengthen my foundation.

Sincere regards,

Ernie Childress

Enclosure: Resume

While referring to the above example of the billing clerk resume cover letter, do ensure that you customize your letter, so as to make it less generic, to personalize it and make it more appealing to the recruiter. If you have no prior experience, then you need to focus on your knowledge in billing operations, while highlighting your familiarity with various accounting functions and computer applications. Direct your reader's attention to your analytical skills, bookkeeping skills, computer skills, and transferable skills. Follow the layout of the sample cover letter to assist you in preparing your cover letter for your job application.

You can attach perfect unique example of operations clerk resume sample and billing supervisor resume sample that will match your cover letter.

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