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Credit and Collection Manager Resume Cover Letter

A sample cover letter for credit and collection manager job.

A credit and collections manager's resume cover letter brings into light, his/her proficiency in handling the billing activities of a given organization, while placing before the recruiter, his/her efficiency in keeping a track of the creditors and collecting the amount they owe to the organization, on time. Besides recovering the debts from borrowers, a credit collections manager is also responsible for performing basic office functions and clerical activities such as report preparation and maintenance, mail handling etc. Hence, the cover letter of a credit collections manager should portray the above qualities, which are essential for carrying out his/her roles and responsibilities efficiently.

Highlighting your skills and abilities in your cover letter

You, as a candidate eligible for the position of a credit and collections manager, should design your cover letter in such a way that it productively expresses your skills and knowledge pertaining to the accounting and billing sector within a financial institution. The letter should signify your understanding in mathematics, thereby showcasing your proficiency with numbers, which is deemed as one of the most important qualities of a credit collections manager. Besides focusing on the above skills, you are also required to put forth your analytical, organizations, and other transferable skills successfully, so as to present your capabilities to the reader and convince him/her to consider your application favorably.

The work environment also demands you to possess the ability to find suitable solutions to various issues, pertaining to the recovery of debts. You are expected to be confident, assertive, and self-motivated, while collecting payments, so as to facilitate a professional approach towards debt recovery. Therefore, it is important that you mention these qualities in your cover letter.

What you will offer to the employer

Once you have successfully put forth your skills and abilities, you need to mention what you will offer to the employer, upon being given an opportunity to serve the organization. Every recruiter is looking for the question as to what you will offer for the betterment of the company. Hence, it is a mandatory practice to inform the reader as to how you will contribute to the organization's growth. Be brief while you are doing so; avoid being too descriptive, for it will only seem as if you are exaggerating. Mentioning what you have to offer for the employer is a great way to conclude your cover letter. Following this information, you need to express your gratitude for the reader, in order to conclude your letter on a positive note.

Sample Credit and Collections Manager Cover Letter

Ms. Suzanne J. Chapman
2420 Timber Oak Drive
Cayucos, CA 93430
(805) 995-7288

David Lewis
Human Resources
Piccollo Financial Services
1709 Eagles Nest Drive
Shingle Springs, CA 95682

Dear Mr. Lewis,

I have been working as an Asst. Manager in the billing department within your esteemed organization since February 2009, and the challenges that I have encountered throughout my employment, have helped me acquire essential accounting skills and a deep understanding of the billing activities within the company, making me eligible for an internal job promotion to a Credit Collections Manager.

As I have mentioned, my stay within the company has helped me in boosting my confidence, while polishing my skills and abilities, thereby widening my knowledge in bookkeeping and various accounting principles. With every transaction I came across, I had the privilege to take home something, which accumulated within me to give rise to a concrete understanding in the analysis of problematic situations, eventually enabling me to tackle them efficiently.

Besides possessing the above knowledge, I am also an expert in formal communication, which is one of the most significant parts of a credit collections manager's responsibility. I have also developed my analytical skills and negotiation skills all along, to facilitate me in monitoring and managing debt collections.

I sincerely wish to serve your organization and facilitate the successful functioning of its business, by boosting the efficiency of the collections process, aimed at recovering all the debts overdue on time, while maintaining a good relationship with our clients and customers.

Kindly consider my application favorably and provide me with an opportunity to excel within the field, while managing your collections department.

Thank you.

Sincere regards,

Suzanne Chapman

Enclosure: Resume

The above example of the collections and credit manager resume cover letter clearly portrays the arrangement of professional qualities in a productive manner. Study its layout carefully and customize its contents, according to your profile and to suit your situation. If you are writing an application seeking a job outside your organization, do not forget to mention how you came to know about the job vacancy. Also go through example of collections officer resume if you are looking for. Also, remember to place before the reader, your professional history in a concise manner, following your introduction.

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